Methods of education of children
Depending on the age of the child, his behavior and personality, parents can apply a variety of methods of education. Used parents choice of methods largely depends on how educated…

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Bert Hellinger. About love between parents and children
    Integrity is an important concept in theology, in the doctrine of virtue and spirituality. I learned about integrity, something that is clear. Integrity begins with the simple. First,…

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  You can help the development of domestic education, including its Internet segment! The aim of the project "national encyclopedia" - to make background information available to multiple users. Definition…

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How to raise your child?


Children are our everything, the flowers of life and the most beautiful thing that can happen to us, but that’s only the happiness of motherhood and fatherhood can turn into a nightmare if you do not understand how to implement the process of education beloved child.

Aspects and standards of education for girls and boys differ significantly, this point is important to consider and watch out that your child has grown a worthy man. We all live once, learn how to raise their children, unfortunately, we do not explain, basically, to have to rely on personal experience and reasoning.

And, I guess, if the development of society stood on the spot, to educate the younger generation it would be easier, but everything changes, so you have to adapt to modern trends and innovations of modern life.

Raising a daughter is hard work, because of a little flower need to grow a real woman with her best qualities and merits, and on the way to this final stage parents lurks many difficult decisions and confusing situations.

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ADHD: attention deficit disorder – from the inside, through the eyes of a child


I hope parents will be more clearly your child’s behavior. We provide emotional memories adult readers of our website named e-Katerina (e-Katerina) with her permission and our comments. It remains to add that today such problems of the child are effectively solved for 6-12 months, depending on the maturity of the baby’s brain.

Psychologist Vladimir Pugach (Moscow)

The loss of a line or slipping phenomenon glance

“. a complete misunderstanding of the text” – Vladimir Nikolaevich, that’s me.

In 3rd grade science we had. And my mother needs me “not to disgrace her” (school work), and I remember my tears, “stupid” reading several times the same paragraph and a complete misunderstanding of what is written there. “Father, you will join her!” And until dad retell the text, just leave me alone! And now I’m me “was released only” memorize a few sentences entirely, tell yourself (totally not understanding what I mean), go to the father with the textbook, give it to him, I begin to talk memorized. ”

Such children when read to the end of the row, then their opinion is slipping:

if up, then it’s re-readability of the string;

if down — the transmission of the next line and read “one”.

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My family. Education questions


This test will help to determine the psychological state of the child while drawing, to identify the most important member of the family to identify family contacts.

Prepare: album sheet, pencil, colored pencils, eraser.

Invite a child to draw pictures of their family. While drawing no more prompt to the child . Note of who the child drew in the first place – the man most loved by the child.

When the picture is ready . ask: “Who did you draw?”. “Why not drew… (e.g., the Pope)?”. “Who’s the most happy? Why?”. “Who is the most miserable? Why?”.

Processing test

In this figure the family can be judged about the relationship in the family. Of course, this test may not reflect the whole picture, but something from the picture we can draw.

1. Analysis of the structure of figure

Drawn family structure corresponds to the real – the child has correctly formed the concept of “My family”.

If a child is someone not painted or drawn very far away from myself – conflict with this person, alienation, dissatisfaction with communication with him.

Drew other children or adults not living with the child – the child has trouble communicating with these people.

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