Effective methods of raising children
  Modern methods of child-rearing aims to maximally reveal potential of a child from an early age. Scientific and technological progress is changing the world around us with incredible speed…

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The Young father with a child
  Odessa. Hot summer. The city is full of tourists, bus stops full of people, especially those from which leaves transport in the direction of the city's beaches. On one…

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Personality and society, interaction and influence
  The individual and society. Why always these words are next? Personal characteristics always call a certain collection of properties of an individual, useful for society and recognized that same…

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The Young father with a child


Odessa. Hot summer. The city is full of tourists, bus stops full of people, especially those from which leaves transport in the direction of the city’s beaches.

On one of these stops is a young father with a child, a girl five years if six.

Young dad exhausted or heat, or the endless questions of the child on the topic of “why” and “why”, and the child does not calm down – why do we stand so long, why not rides our bus, why, finally, dad, you can’t buy me ice cream?

– You have a sore throat, darling, can’t you ice cream.

– Well, paaap, I don’t have a sore throat, buy ice cream!

– Mom said you have a sore throat.

– Forget to think that my mom said now I tell you that my throat doesn’t hurt. Buy ice cream!

The people at the bus stop nods approvingly – the kid definitely knows how to get his. In the end, dad decides that it is easier to buy her daughter an ice cream, than to explain why he will not do, and was about to take the child to the nearest tent with ice cream, as here came the bus. The people running cracked in places, the man was perched at the window and took the child in his arms.

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The Education of girls


Young lady … sounds Beautiful. It’s nice when your beloved daughter will say that she is a real lady. Discreet, polite, decent, beautiful charm, exquisite beauty and generally thin nature. But being perfect is so hard. Perhaps you need to educate a new, modern type of lady?

Many parents who have daughters that are now facing a real dilemma: what to teach a little girl she must be, how to find a balance between femininity in its original sense and the real demands of the modern world? In this world, personal growth, professional achievement, activity in all spheres of life are the signs of a person’s success, whether a man or a woman.

It is true that women are much more complicated.She problems a lot more than any representative of the stronger sex. She is responsible for children, for a loved one, the house … This responsibility exists, it exists whether we want it or not. At the level of the collective unconscious, at the level of basic knowledge. So first of all, it is desirable to understand the simple truth of the modern woman — the lady with a strong character, generic skills, the ability to “keep face” in all circumstances of life, and then look for educational tools that would fit exactly to your crumbs.

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How to raise children in different countries


Why the Japanese can not imagine my life outside of the team, the Americans are tolerant, and the French are too independent?

Adult category of national identity is laid in man from childhood and is rooted in the way of education. Education methods methods of influence, systematically (and not only one-time and situational) changing the child’s behavior. For example, learning and teaching – methods of education. Methods of education – more.

a fraction, the smaller the unit of technology education, it is a specific way or form of implementation of either method.

Part of the techniques closely tied to specific methods, other methods can be used inside different methods. Methods and techniques of raising a child depends primarily on personal characteristics of parents, their intentions and competence. In a free education is more often used method is well directed freedom in discipline of instruction and a system of reinforcements.

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The age Difference between the first and second child
  We have all heard the statement that "one child grows up selfish". The assertion is certainly questionable, but perhaps it is the truth. So before every family, where there…


Private International law 1. The citizenship of children. The legal status of the child is determined by his nationality. So you need to figure out how to determine in the…