The interior of the nursery: tips for parents
  The theme of the interior of the nursery so hyped that there is no point in trying to describe the same thing, trying to advertise another product. So talk…

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Free advice of child psychologists - Children in situations of divorce parents
  Svetlana Ovchinnikova, privately practicing psychologist, psychoanalyst, psychiatrist of the 1st category. Many people facing divorce family are staying in a very typical misconception: finally, the hated spouse is gone,…

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Psychology, Relationships, Upbringing
  Anyway we are all afraid of something. Bolshinstvo fears we are trying to overcome, so they often prevent us from living and normally in contact with the outside world.…

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How to raise children in different countries


Why the Japanese can not imagine my life outside of the team, the Americans are tolerant, and the French are too independent?

Adult category of national identity is laid in man from childhood and is rooted in the way of education. Education methods methods of influence, systematically (and not only one-time and situational) changing the child’s behavior. For example, learning and teaching – methods of education. Methods of education – more.

a fraction, the smaller the unit of technology education, it is a specific way or form of implementation of either method.

Part of the techniques closely tied to specific methods, other methods can be used inside different methods. Methods and techniques of raising a child depends primarily on personal characteristics of parents, their intentions and competence. In a free education is more often used method is well directed freedom in discipline of instruction and a system of reinforcements.

Japanese children live in three stages: God – slave – to-peer. After five years of “the beyond” and almost absolute permissiveness (within reason, of course), it is probably not easy to pull yourself together and start to follow the common system of rules Continue reading

The Crisis of three years


One day you’re trying to dress your baby to go for a walk and he empties your jacket with a cry: “I am myself!” You invite him to go to lunch, but he refused, despite the fact that obviously hungry. Congratulations, it is a crisis three years ! We will tell, what it is and how to survive.

During the crisis three years it seems that the baby is doing everything contrary. The old ways of managing no longer work, the little one stops to listen. It can ruffle even the most patient parent.

One of the most prominent Russian psychologists L. S. Vygotsky described the “semitische symptoms” of the crisis three years

Negativism — the child refuses to do something just because it is offered by an adult. He seeks to do the opposite, often to the detriment of their own interests.

Stubbornness — the child insists on something just because he asked. If the child badly wants any toy and her persistently seeks is not stubbornness. If you see that actually it is not so and want something, and it continues to demand only because he does not want to back down from his words — that’s called stubbornness.

Obstinacy — the denial lifestyle, which has evolved up to 3 years, what he did before. The child does not like the way his clothes, he rebels against having to hold Continue reading