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Games to develop creative thinking in preschool child


For anybody not a secret that game is the best form of training of the child, and the younger the child, the greater the efficiency delivered in games tasks. Parents, always willing to entertain the baby, to give him maximum pleasure and positive emotions, should not forget that the game can contribute to the development of a skill or knowledge. In addition, enthusiastic and interested game parent-child best promotes the development of such components of the personality of the child as his attention, imagination, memory, reasoning and aptitude, i.e. anything that will help him in the future purposeful walk through life, in keeping with his individual will and the laws of society.

What skills should your child before school

Games on the development of perception contribute to the child’s ability to analyze objects in size, color and shape. The child at the end of the preschool period of life (i.e. 6-7 years) must distinguish seven colors of the spectrum, as well as their hues and saturation. The prospective student must be learnt the basic geometric shapes (square, circle, triangle, rectangle and oval), which, moreover, the child must be able to vary and to pick up sample (sorter is the most familiar game for learning this task in 2-3 years old, 4-6 years they can be replaced Lotto with the appropriate task selection on the primary shapes of objects suitable geometric shapes).

Games targeted at the development of attention

Here in the process of play activities necessary to strive for the formation of such features attention:



raspadaemosti attention.

Gradually towards the end of the preschool period there is a transition from involuntary attention to arbitrary. The feature of the second type of attention is the child’s ability to focus on the specific task, whereas before he was led exclusively samotnie Hobbies, the most preferred items and activities. Parent should strive to ensure that the child has learned to divide attention between six to seven objects, but also to engage within 1-1. 5 hours one activity. A good indicator of care of the child can become game designers (as per sample), puzzles, spot the differences between two almost identical pictures. However, parents must remember one rule: if the child seems to You that something does not meet the age-related indicators, it is an occasion not to be upset, and just an excuse for self-improvement. Try to put the child specific tasks, to motivate its work (for example: “first, gather these are the three forms” (when it comes to the constructor) or “collect these items, then I will try to connect” (if we are talking about the puzzle).

Games, educational memory

In 5-7 years the memory also becomes arbitrary and controlled by the child. Kids this age are feasible to set themselves goals to remember what he picks up the tools for this process. And this is also manifested creative thinking of the child. This component of the child’s personality can be successfully developed through games of bingo (which are now on the market of children’s games a huge amount), with the game “Remember how and what is – and what has changed”, with the help of electronic games for learning the rules of the road, wild and domestic animals, professions, etc. where the child is asked to press a handle on this or that picture, receiving a signal of the correct or incorrect answer.

Games, educational thinking

Thinking is another integral category for the holistic formation of the child’s personality. It is necessary to distinguish 3 main ways of thinking:




The first form begins his intensive formation in the early school years, when kids are in the process of action with different objects to study their properties, characteristics, functions. Whereas the main form of thinking in the preschool period is the visual-figurative thinking, which is an accumulation of images in the synthesized picture which the child then selects the most significant, and seeing the ratio of these paintings comes to the ratio of the parts. 5-6 years the child develops the ability to reason that is a sign of the emergence of logical thinking. Very useful will be the game with the requirement of drawing up conclusions. For example, puzzles (snake, tag), appropriate Board game designed for two or three: Scrabble, battleship, etc.

Development of creative abilities is kind of the ultimate ambition of a comprehensive process of formation of perception, attention, memory, thinking. In the end, it is the ability to Express thoughts, feelings, beating the properties of ordinary objects in an unusual way, to build, not to destroy, accounts for the interaction of the child with the surrounding world. Try to offer your child the game, suggesting the variability of responses when stimulated his imagination, imagination.

And don’t forget, no matter how serious and, at first glance, seemed daunting task for the formation of harmonious and comprehensive development of the child’s personality, they are attainable through love, affection and understanding.