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How stars lose weight after childbirth: the most effective ways


Looking at the star of TV or top model, after a couple of months after birth showing beautiful bodies, ask the question – how stars lose weight after childbirth? How celebrities lose weight? How they manage to regain the perfect shape?

Not only that, the stars themselves are trying to “return to duty” as quickly as possible, but the audience wants to see their Pets are always in good shape, and the desire of the public – law for celebrities. Yes even the nasty paparazzi lurking in the most inappropriate places – so we have to control myself and without any pity for oneself again to become slim.

Recovery time from working stars never enough, and how fast celebrities lose weight after giving birth, suggests that not only do they make great efforts, but are also effective methods.

Today we offer to your attention the most effective diet for weight loss from world stars. But first – the experts ‘ opinion.

How celebrities lose weight: what doctors think

But doctors believe that intensive weight loss process is resorted to by star mom, is very harmful and is a great stress for the body. In a “normal” life to lose weight in this mode is not recommended, just stars live by the strict laws of the stars. Remember, above we said that the desire of the public – law for celebrities? It was not a joke. The public wants to see on the podium at the Oscars, on the stage of the beautiful, slender star – and not to be disappointed from its completeness, though temporary. As the saying goes – time is money, and time stars are very big money.

Only a few celebrities lose weight safely and steadily, giving preference to proper diet and moderate physical activity. And basically – it’s a tough and rigorous methodology.

Katie Holmes: nothing but hunger

Katie Holmes, beloved wife of Tom cruise during pregnancy gained weight sixteen pounds. But largely thanks to her slim figure star Tom cruise and drew the girl his attention.

Therefore, immediately after birth, Katie Holmes sat down on a severe diet: on the day her calorie was only 1,000 calories, and still she breast fed my daughter. For six weeks this mode the actress has lost 16 pounds.

In my opinion – this is too much. Poor diet during the lactation period could not bring anything good for the nursing mother or the baby. Katie Holmes took a risk and own health and the health of the child.

Heidi Klum: weight loss in pictures

Just a couple of months after giving birth top model took to the runway in a demonstration of lingerie company Victoria’s Secret almost Nude. During the period of pregnancy, she gained 20 extra pounds and threw them through intensive workouts and strict diets. Regularly, once a week Heidi Klum was photographed Nude, to see how the process of weight loss. Extra 20 kilo top model managed to win in two months.

If you liked this technique, don’t start an intense workout at least in the first two weeks after birth, and does not sit right on a rigid diet. For a young mother it is very harmful. But photographing in the Nude is a powerful psychological technique, reasonable and effective.

Uma Thurman: kill weight…

It is known that Director and screenwriter Quentin Tarantino wrote the script of the film “Kill bill” is under uma Thurman. Directly at the moment of writing the script, the actress was in position and could not appear in a trick movie. But just three months later uma Thurman started shooting. From nine in the morning until five o’clock in the evening every day she worked in the gym: yoga, karate and was trained to hold a sword.

The actress takes the philosophy of Zen Buddhism, and believes food is not an object of pleasure and a source of life support. For this reason, in the menu of the actress was comprised of only meat and fish, steamed, fruits, vegetables, and green tea.

Doctors believe that immediately after the delivery of such physical activity excessive. The best option – easy fitness two or three times a week.

Glyuk’oza: cooking for a couple

As Russian celebrities lose weight after giving birth? Singer Gluk’oza gained during pregnancy 16 pounds, and after the birth of a child to eat meals with only a couple. In addition, it shall within three months of studying hard fitness. The first “ten” went quickly, but the remaining six kilograms clung to the last. But the singer didn’t give up – and the extra weight was dropped.

It is believed that “arrived” during pregnancy 10 pounds is normal, anything more than the norm – superfluous. These six extra pounds and added anxiety to the singer, but they had to leave.

Julia Nachalova: stars too difficult to lose weight

Most stars adhere to the system of fasting and vegetable and fruit diet. Julia Nachalova, which was always likely to be overweight, followed this diet. After birth, the singer gained 30 extra pounds. When Julia Nachalova switched to his usual diet of apples and cabbage, it turned out that due to hormone deficiency and metabolic disorders overweight does not want to leave.

The singer tried different options of slimming, but stopped, finally, at separate meals. It will lose weight gradually, in small portions, but, but, without stress for body and for all.

So, how celebrities lose weight after giving birth: is it worth to pace yourself?

The examples above show us that even the best diet stars based on the hard constraints, and intense physical exertion. In my opinion, well over a mock is to risk her life and her and her baby. After birth, observing the correct mode and the order of the day, walking with a child in the fresh air, taking vitamins and doing fitness, you can lose weight six months. And to stay alive, healthy and beautiful!