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Why baby cry


When a child enters an early age, he may cry for different minor (from the point of view of the mother), because the nervous system is under development. More kids cry with melancholy temperament, which implies the weakness of the nervous processes. This kid can Wake up crying to fall asleep and weeping, easily upset, worried, if something does not work, sociable, but dependent on fellowship (experiencing, if another kid doesn’t want to be friends with him).

Cry baby at this age, when left without a mother is like the earth under my feet to lose.

But even at this age crying can be capricious. A sensitive mother can understand when a child is naughty, and when he’s really upset (which happens often). Generally, in order to determine this, you need to analyze the events that occurred before the scream. If the baby hasn’t slept in a long walk in the street, now it’s time to go home, and he has the hatchet, because he wants to ride on the swings, mom will understand that it is not just a whim, it is a signal of fatigue, which should not exacerbate, and distracting the baby, run home.

If the child requires the store to buy a toy, mom refuses, he insists and rushes in crying, there was a desire to insist. At this age the child can be easily distracted, to divert the attention, and make enterprising moms. “Look, look what the dog went in the red jacket, as she put on her?” The kid quickly forgets his whim.

Crying in preschool children (4-6 years)

Here kids-preschoolers already have a good idea what impression their screaming and crying for mom. These small behaviors can already hysterical to accomplish his desire. In General, hysterical behavior more likely kids of a certain warehouse: who likes to be in sight, to perform, “artists”, sociable, nestestnitelnaja, open, loving solitude, collective. To pre-school age the parent can already notice the inclinations of the child.

Hysteria is a “grandstand play”, its purpose, the child puts drawing attention to it. Nourishes tantrum immediate attention of parents to a little capricious. So if you don’t want to encourage a tantrum, we don’t “feed” her. The most reasonable way is to leave the child alone with a hysterical, warning him that it bothers you to see him like this, and when he wakes up, let him come, and you will discuss it issues. Usually a tantrum without an audience not long continue. If a preschooler is often resorted to such behaviour, then parents “properly” react to his tantrum, and he gets her with it. Physically tantrum for not being punished, it does ignore.

But the first serious experiences arise already at this age. First, this is the age of intensive emotional development, and the kid in any case becomes more sensitive. Secondly, at this age, he, as a rule, already lives in a society (goes to kindergarten, someone – on educational sessions), and there is a new relationship, and not always pleasant and joyful. This is for mom, the child always love, even if he behaves badly. But strangers and children, he may not be accepted even if it is wonderful behaves. The baby can hurt a hostile alien scream aunt in the garden; a deep resentment causes neglect of friends who are not accepted into the game; fear and longing arise when took away your toy, and no one defended. And what the baby is experiencing loneliness the first week, when only accustomed to stay without mom one? It does make me wonder whether it is worth in 3 years to give it up for such tests? Still, he’s not a Blowjob, but in older age he would be stronger and more confident. Well, if the child feels at home support. And sometimes, that’s where he finds the nerve, zadergannyh parents who at best not up to his small, but very serious problem. At worst, parents can break the tension and anger on a defenseless kid who is more in need. If the family is disturbed parental relationships, life in her small child will be torment. He is going through and for mom and for dad, and crying – his bitter companion in this situation.

Crying students

Children going into first grade, more in control of himself and can hold back the tears. Especially boys, whom their gender role dictates more restrained emotional behavior. And to cry about something in there. Society was not only different, but is already beginning to rate the baby, to “test his strength”.

Responsible children can suffer greatly because of ratings. Well, if the mother does not suffer because of them (estimates) and do not bring the child to neurosis. Kids, which visually seems to be still too worried about bad grades or criticism of a teacher, but show it differently, you can go into a nervous whim: “I don’t want to learn.”

The first serious friends and enemies are also a source of feelings of your young student. The slightest discrepancy of a friend of his views are seen as a betrayal. Here the mother should gently push the child to be objective, to look at ourselves.

Children with early school life become panicked and calm down to 3-4 class in high school again worried. There a variety of teachers and requirements may initially drive the child to the stress. But first starting out relationships with peers and teachers sidelined with their parents. The child is secretive, withdrawn, begins to search for its meaning, its place in life. On the one hand, wants to be an integral part of their environment. On the other, needs recognition of its otherness and uniqueness. Becomes very vulnerable to careless words, touchy, sensitive, forceful, sharp. Of course, on the mood of a teenager is significantly affected by the hormones that are changing and not always presents surprises evolving man.

The end of school is the end of childhood, carefree period when parent wing is too small for grown-up chick. Own wings already punched, and there are very few – a bird will move towards their adult problems, feelings, experiences. I want to protect him from mistakes and wounds. But, alas, this is impossible. Parents can not live life for their child, you can only maintain it for its acceptance, understanding, patience, to give him a joyful confidence in the future in those years, when he formed when he was still a baby.