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ADHD: attention deficit disorder – from the inside, through the eyes of a child


I hope parents will be more clearly your child’s behavior. We provide emotional memories adult readers of our website named e-Katerina (e-Katerina) with her permission and our comments. It remains to add that today such problems of the child are effectively solved for 6-12 months, depending on the maturity of the baby’s brain.

Psychologist Vladimir Pugach (Moscow)

The loss of a line or slipping phenomenon glance

“. a complete misunderstanding of the text” – Vladimir Nikolaevich, that’s me.

In 3rd grade science we had. And my mother needs me “not to disgrace her” (school work), and I remember my tears, “stupid” reading several times the same paragraph and a complete misunderstanding of what is written there. “Father, you will join her!” And until dad retell the text, just leave me alone! And now I’m me “was released only” memorize a few sentences entirely, tell yourself (totally not understanding what I mean), go to the father with the textbook, give it to him, I begin to talk memorized. ”

Such children when read to the end of the row, then their opinion is slipping:

if up, then it’s re-readability of the string;

if down — the transmission of the next line and read “one”.

From an operational (short-term) memory at this point, it deletes the paragraph. And this is the text of a task in mathematics, a rule, exercise. In order to understand the meaning of the task, the child sometimes you have to re-read it 5 times!

Two losses line on the page – and from memory it deletes the paragraph. Children can retell, as objectively can’t understand the meaning of the text.

In the early stages of learning to read the slipping of sight cuts the middle of long words, the end domislivatj and instead of “locomotive” get “the steamer”.

Therefore, such a child puts a ruler or, as he wrote the poet, “pokes in the book Tom thumb”. One of the external signs of dysgraphia.

Mosaic maturation of the baby’s brain

“. sometimes completely forget, freaking out, with tears in his eyes going again to the kitchen redo, trying to keep the info in memory, at least temporarily until you tell. )))now fun to recall this, but there is no laughing matter. I then asked myself “why I can’t understand it, and others understand! maybe with me not so?!”, complexed badly, she was afraid to admit it to anyone. and now I’ve read this means not only have I had!)))))

Hated Russian language in elementary school, it’s easier for me mathematics was given (even participated in the Olympics).

In 7th grade everything changed dramatically: math hated (by me there “stupid” was called. Very sensitive to criticism. Perceive her close. Are unable to work then this was a complicated issue, one class decided, but despite the correctness of the answer, are unable to raise your hand – “what if something is wrong and will make fun of me?!”).

Russian has become a favorite subject – I won on the Olympic games were all greatly surprised, saying “mom works at school”, and at the district I again took the first place and then all believed that there is “no mom,” I call.”

In children with disorders of attention, the brain Matures mosaic. Some parts of the brain quickly ripen more often in the summer, while others, compared to them, “lagging behind.” Hence the mosaic brain maturation of the child. Externally it looks like the breakthrough success of the same subject and unexplained delay in another.

The distortion of the far space of perception in the form of a parabola

“. My mom told me that I had letters to learn could not! My first class didn’t take it, maybe I was almost 7, not 7, and I did not know how to read. Mom decided to “prove” that there is nothing to me in the first class he took with me and started to teach the alphabet. )))

a-ha-ha))) but in basketball I love to play and otherwise shirk, because to catch the ball could not – like aiming, but the past. guys I tried not to feed, but opponents – on the contrary! I remember constantly reproaches were “Kate, come on move on. ”

A child can catch a ball thrown right (sagittal), but can’t catch the ball moving diagonally through spatial distortion. Pomahivaya. Especially it looks pointedly in tennis and badminton racket swooshes above the ball. For the same reason kids can’t play the “classics”: it is unclear where flies bit.

Paradoxical reaction of the nervous system by N. E. Entrance of the Theotokos

(developed in collaboration with the physiologist I. P. Pavlov, in 1901.)

“. I still know what I remembered? great sensitiveness to the slightest noise was – couldn’t teach lessons, when I heard the sound of the TV or voice from another room. I stuffed his hands over his ears, but still heard everything! psyched when in my room during the reading did anyone immediately got off and started on a new way to teach. And with all this sleep was strong enough. Sometimes I spoke a phrase (mom,probably) – “Golden ears hung”))))”

A strong signal is perceived as weak (yell at the useless child – “can’t hear”), and the weak signal is as strong (the slightest whisper of a rustling in the classroom is distracting).

Locking of auditory perception channel

“. But you know,Ah-ha)))))funny right to remember: my dad the pic stantly p riedeli is delayed, the mother often cried because of this, saying that more to the kitchen we go, hee-hee)))”

A child’s hearing can be perfect, however, in the auditory canal has a “decoding device”, discerning the noise of the cars outside the window, and the voice of my mother. When the beyond the exhaustion of the center of my mother’s voice becomes background noise. A typical situation: a child called several times, and he “hears”. (Adults have a slightly different mechanism). The same paradoxical reaction of the nervous system at the level of the auditory canal.

Hyperactivity, aggression

“. apathy, from a complete “peace of mind”, inactions aggressive lunges or running around the house to the point of exhaustion” – me too, it happened and it happens. just when I fell and smashed my back – it was (burst of activity). ”

Typical external signs of attention deficit disorder (add), some with hyperactivity (ADHD).

“Unfortunately, even after a single dose of heroin as a teenager, the world is solid, bright and festive! Dependence develops with the first injection”- and also about alcohol. I always refuse it because “smell” their predisposition to this result. can’t explain – internally feeling the effects and all “see” them.”