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Quenching of children – principles and methods


Autumn came and began to sniff both children and adults. Tellingly: what was used to treat colds a year or two ago, are now ineffective. Have the doctors to experiment on the fly, using various drugs, and it costs the parents of the sick child to a large coin, and the side effects of antibiotics in the form of allergies.

A month and a half, the cold is back, and this suggests that the immune system, alas, is no good…

Here’s my baby and preschooler for two autumn months had torpid rhinopharyngitis twice already, which cost the family budget about 3 T. R. Had to undertake the elaboration of such good old and proven (to myself) a method of strengthening the immune system, as tempering .

So, where to start? He who seeks will find… so I “accidentally” fell into the hands of the pamphlet of Professor klyuchnikova Sergey Olegovich, head. the Department of children’s diseases, Russian state medical University, “Tips for hardening of the child”. What do we advise?

Of course, first need to visit your doctor. He will check the condition and will help to create an optimal program tempering procedures and their dosage based on the individual characteristics of the child’s body. Hardening begins only when the baby is completely healthy.

The basic principles of hardening children of preschool age

The principle of systematicity . requiring daily procedures. Breaks in the hardening can reduce or eliminate “no” acquired protective functions.

Consistent and gradual increase dosage procedures. It is a mandatory condition for proper hardening.

Tempering procedure are divided into General, when it exposed the entire surface of the body (air baths, swimming, shower, douche), and local, which are directed to the hardening of individual sections of the body (e.g., gargling or washing of the feet with cool water).

Methods of hardening

Tempering air (air baths) is the most “gentle” and safe from tempering procedures. It is recommended to start.

Effect of tempering air depends on its temperature, humidity and speed of movement. Air baths on teploobmenu are divided into thermal (+30…+20 °C), cool (+20…+14 °C.) and cold (below +14 °C.)

To start taking air baths in need of pre-ventilated room. This may be charging with your child in a room with an open window or a window. Then, as the hardening, it is possible to move classes to the open air. The best place to study – quiet garden square, Park, forest, in General, where there is greenery and shade. To take air baths are best in motion: exercise, a light jog or just a mobile game. In windy and wet weather duration of treatment can be reduced, and when the rain and fog or strong wind it is better to do at home with the window open.

Start with 20-30 minutes at an air temperature of +15…+20°C, further increasing the duration to 10 minutes daily and bringing it to 2 hours (Where do we get that much time. Except that, combine with a walk…) .

Quenching with water is more intense reaction, as water has almost 30 times greater thermal conductivity compared to air. The main factor tempering – temperature water. Water treatment – a reliable means to prevent accidental hypothermia.

Summer and autumn are the most favorable time to start hardening water. It is best to do the procedure in the morning immediately after sleep or after the morning exercise. Start with light water treatments, with water temperature of +33…+34 °C. Then, every 3-4 days, reduce the temperature of water by 1 degree and gradually for 1.5-2 months to bring it up to +10…+15°C. lower Than the temperature of the water, the shorter should be the time of the procedure. Quenching with water is divided into several types (stages): rubdown, dousing shower, bathing.

The initial stage of hardening water – rubbing . Within 1-3 weeks wiping with a damp towel or sponge. First wiping the waist, and then move on to rubbing of the whole body. Is rubbing sequentially, first from top to bottom: wiping water neck, chest, arms and back, wipe them dry and RUB until the redness from the periphery to the heart. After that, just wipe the legs and buttocks. The whole procedure, including rubbing, should not take more than 5 minutes.

The next stage of hardening water – dousing . To the body low temperature is attached low pressure jets of water. When first pouring used water with a temperature of about +30 °C, and then, further, the temperature drops to +14°C and below. Immediately after pouring, you need to vigorously RUB the body with a towel. Procedure duration is 3-5 minutes.

More efficient water treatment shower . In the beginning, the water in the shower should be comfortable: +31°C … +34°C, and duration of treatment – no more than 1 minute. Then, gradually, the water temperature decreases, and the duration of the shower is increased to two minutes. To complete need vigorous rubbing of the body with a towel.

One of the most enjoyable and effective ways of hardening in the warm season is to swim in open water. When bathing is a complex effect on the body of water, air and sunlight. You can swim when the water in the pond warms up to +18 ░ C and +20°C. it is Desirable to do it in the morning and evening, first 1 time a day and then 2-3 times a day, with an interval between bathing in 3-4 hours.

Do not ignore local treatments such as gargling and washing the feet . These procedures increase the body’s resistance to colds, as this will harden the most vulnerable to hypothermia places of the body.

Very useful for children footbath or trampling in the water. This is usually done before bed. Start with a temperature of approximately +35°C. here’s how: pour water into the tub, just above the ankle. The child should rest for approximately half a minute. In the future, pour water 2-3 degrees colder, and so fully adjusted to the cold water at +7°C … 12°C for two to three months. After the bath the child’s leg rubbed and put him to bed.

Throat you need to rinse twice a day, morning and evening. Start with water temperature +23°C…+25°C, in a week it reduced by 1 – 2 degrees, and so gradually adjusted to +7°C… 12°C.

Here, in General, and all. Like anything new and challenging, but as I understand it, the most important thing is gradualism: air baths, then a rubdown and then pouring.

And the main thing – do not quit! Well, to use not only common, but local procedures. They, incidentally, which many people overlook. But if additionally to give the child vitamins and minerals. then I think the number of colds can be reduced significantly.

Well, we have this information, a plan of action, to put into practice.

Good luck!

And, in closing, I suggest you to see the video about the hardening of children in a kindergarten in the city of Belgorod.

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