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Parent meeting Inseparable friends – parents and children


Parent meeting in the 1st grade.

Subject: Inseparable friends – parents and children.

Objectives: to form students ‘ parents responsible for the upbringing of goodwill, to offer practical guidelines for the education of goodwill.

Good evening, dear parents. Tonight will be devoted to the solution of problems of relations between adults and children. The epigraph to our meeting I took these words:

You and me, Yes we are with you,

You and me, Yes we are with you,

It’s great when there is a family,

We’ll always be inseparable,

Friendship gives us fortunately key,

Friendship will be with us forever.

How important is friendship in the lives of adults and children, can parents and children be friends? These are the questions we will try to find the answer with the help of our children.

(Demonstration video where the children answer the question “Can I mommy and daddy to be their friends”?)

Why are there quarrels of parents and children? Probably because they do not understand each other. Children do not understand that parents are tired at work that you are angry with my heavy cares and problems. Parents have no time to understand the problems and interests of the child. They sometimes do not realize that for the child’s play is serious and important. And parents begin to educate, to demand, to order, and children do not want to listen to notation. And there are parents and children on different sides of the barricades, cease to understand each other, cease to be and remain friends.

In class we conducted a survey of children “me and my family”. Answered 13 children.

Parents support me in everything. (13)

We have disagreements, even quarrels. (0)

I find it hard to at home. (8)

Parents have to me too demanding. (9)

I largely restrict. (4)

Parents always reckon with the fact that I wanted to have clothes, with my other needs. (7)

At home there are my classmates, friends. (9)

I would like to have more independence. (10)

Parents are concerned only with themselves. (0)

Dear parents, your task – to try to put yourself in the shoes of your child and answer these allegations, do you think that answered your child, we have to look at the situation through his eyes.

( Open response children – the ratio of responses of parents and children.)

With the help of parents the child is constantly lays the idea of what a family should be, her life, the relationships between family members. Often family, which grew to become the model of his future family.

How often do we face the same problem: reading to children notations about how to behave, give them helpful advice, caution against mistakes, but in the end we get the opposite results. What is the reason? Maybe the fact that our actions do not always correspond to what we’re talking about? Children are constant witnesses. They see our downs, breakdowns, failures, quarrels, no matter how we tried to hide it.

Child to learn that

He sees himself in the house.

Parents — an example of him!

Who when wife and kids are rude,

Whom the language of debauchery telegram,

Let remember that with interest will receive

From them we teach them.

Not a wolf raised sheep,

Gait cancer gave father!

If you see us and hear the children

We are for their deeds in the response.

And for the words: it is easy to push

Kids on a bad path.

Keep decency in your home,

In order not to repent later.

Sebastian Brant

What about the children responded to this question: what I love about your parents? (A video recording of children’s responses)

All you parents. Children become our artists, they ask you the situation of family life. Try to find answers to their questions. (Parents decide the situation suggested by the children.)


I have a girlfriend. She bought a beautiful blouse. I want the same. Mom says you can buy something else. I resent my mother and angry.

I wanted to give a friend a disc, but your parents didn’t give it away. I don’t like the fact that parents are against it.

I invited friends for a birthday, the boys behaved very well. My parents decided ….

So we got out of those situations.

But what the parents suggested answers to the questionnaire.

Do you read books with the children? Discuss whether the read books? All the parents said Yes.

Can you break away from urgent work or interesting programs, if your child asks you for advice or assistance? Whenever possible, parents are trying to break away from the transmission, and to help the child.

Do you willingly spend time with the child, gives you the pleasure of his society, or you only feel pleasure from a sense of duty? All parents are willing to spend time with their child, they delight in his society.

Can you promise a child to keep his desire in exchange for good behavior? The majority of parents said YES.

Believe for a moment that you are the good fairy (the wizard). What would you do for your child? Fulfilled all his desires, that the child was not sick, made a real holiday, would make the child happy, would have gone with the child on a journey, gave their child more confidence, courage and patience.

What are your wishes to all families? To raise my child in love and understanding to all the parents could give their children a complete education, well-being, understanding, more parents paid attention to the children and understood them, believed in them.

And here is what I wish my parents children, let’s see. (Video of wishes of children).

Now we will check how you parent. Do you tell the child the following phrases?

How many times must I tell you?

Tell me, please.

Don’t know what I would do without you!

And who are you such a freak?

What are your great friends!

Well look at you!?

You are my support and assistant!

Well what kind of friends do you have?

What are you thinking?

You are so clever!

And what do you think?

All of the children as children, and you…

You’re such a smart!

Correct answers:1,4,6,7,9,10,13 – no, 2,3,5,8,11,12,14 – Yes.

Test results:

If you correctly answered almost all of the questions, you have a child living with one soul. He truly loves and respects you. Your relationships contribute to the formation of his personality.

If you have made 3-5 incorrect answers, you are inconsistent in dealing with the child. He respects you, though not always honest with you. Its development is influenced by accidental circumstances.

If you have made 6-10 incorrect answers, you need to be more attentive to the child. You are the child’s authority, but agree that the authority does not replace love. The development of your child depends on case to a greater extent than from you.

If you made 11-14 wrong answers, you feel that you’re on the wrong path. Between you and the child there is mistrust. Until late, try to give it more attention, listen to his words.

Scientists give this advice:

Teach your child to make friends with other children, don’t put it on alone.

Any child is a high achiever or slacker, mobile or sluggish – it can be a friend of your child and therefore deserves respect.

Value of friends their child from the perspective of the opportunities his parents, but from the perspective of his relationship to your child. Any value of man in himself.

Their own relationship to friends teach your child to appreciate friends.

Try to show your child the dignity of his friends, not disadvantages.

Praise your child for showing him the advantages of friendship.

Invite your friends their child in the home, communicate with them.

Remember that childhood friendship, which will be supported by you, will you support your child in adult life.

Teach your child to be honest with friends, and not to seek the benefits of friendship.

Learn to be your child’s friend.

If your child trusts you with their secrets, as friends, not blackmail him with them.

Criticize without demeaning, and supporting.

Keep in your child a desire to make friends pleasant.

Do not allow the betrayal of the child in relation to friends. Little meanness begets more.

Dear parents, I hope that our conversation today was not in vain that it had any impact on your relationship with the children. I have no doubt that all of you love your children. But if you know how to show love so that the child understand that he is loved? Does the child that you love him not only when he deserves it, and always, regardless of his behavior? Try objectively, for themselves, to answer these questions. Your behavior should tell the child: “I love you the way you are”.

Children are the views peephole fearful,

Legs playful knock on the parquet.

Children are the sun on a cloudy motives,

A world of hypotheses joyful Sciences.

Perpetual mess in gold rings,

Tender words whispers in the darkness,

Peaceful pictures of birds and sheep,

What a cozy children’s asleep on the wall.

Children – this evening, the evening on the couch