Socio-psychological mechanisms of communication
  Communication creates a number of unique social and psychological mechanisms through which is formed the social psyche. Infection is a special method of exposure, a certain way of uniting…

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The Education of children: methods - Area educator
Parenting: methods A variety of parenting techniques, parents can apply depending on the characteristics, behaviour and age of the child. To apply and to choose the methods of parents depends…

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Features of a technique of social work with children and youth.
CP children and young people is based on the legal system. Facilities: children - persons under 18 years of age. Youth (14-30 years) - a special socio-demographic group, still in…

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Prayer for their daughter married


Prayer should be answered, otherwise it ceases to be

prayer and becomes correspondence.

“There are times when all pray” is a phrase I heard in one documentary, which was dedicated to the great Patriotic War. The main conclusion that was broadcast to the masses is – the war was not atheists, de facto, all were believers. In moments of despair and hopelessness, people frantically clings to faith, for faith is sometimes the only thing that remains with us when we fly into the abyss.

We live in a time of peace, and, it would seem that we should be less reasons for prayer, but it was not there. Failure, pressure, endless race in a circle, lack of money, uncertainty about the future, fears for loved ones, for yourself… and a desperate desire maaaaalenkoy pieces of happiness. Personal. Intimate. Individual.

We each have our own war. Fight for the future. Fight for money. Fighting for love. Fighting with his inner demons. and fall apart. In the hope we raise our eyes to heaven and come to Providence with prayer. We suddenly begin to talk about their lives, about their fears, ask for help and protection.

We each have our own prayer. The prayer service. The petition. His monologue. Its bleeding wound.

When we do not know the words of prayer, then say to yourself: “o Lord, answer me: I can do it again? As much? So pure? Also seriously? And someone else can? And are you going to introduce us?”.

But there are prayers and their power multiplied by time. Below I share with you the sacred texts, which are taken from the Prayer book.

Our father, Who art in heaven! Hallowed be Your name; may Your Kingdom come; thy will be done, as in heaven and on earth; our daily bread give us this day, and leave us our debts, as we forgive our debtors; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forevermore. Amen.


Angel of the Lord, o my Holy guardian, in compliance with me from the Lord from heaven this, I pray Thee diligently, You max today and enlighten from all evil keep, to every act profitably and on the way to salvation of the spirit. Amen.

PARENT’s PRAYER FOR THEIR CHILD (parent prayer is that the daughter is married )

O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, prayers for Thy most pure Mother hear me, sinful and unworthy of Thy servant (name). O Lord, in Thy mercy, of power my child (name) have mercy and save him for Thy name’s sake. God forgive him all transgressions volinia and involuntary, committed by them before You. Lord, instruct him on the right path of Thy commandments set him straight and enlighten with the light of Thy Christ, for the salvation of souls and healing of the body. God bless him in the house, around the house, in the field, at work and on the road and every place of Your possessions. God, save it under shelter from Thy Holy flying bullets, arrows, knife, sword, poison, fire, flood, deadly plagues and death in vain. Lord, protect him from visible and invisible enemies, from all ills, evils and misfortunes. Lord, heal him from all sorts of illnesses, cleanse me from all defilement (wine, tobacco, drugs) and ease his mental suffering and sorrow. Lord, grant him the grace of the Holy spirit on many years of prosperity and good health, chastity. Lord, give him your blessing on the godly family life and godly procreation. Lord, grant me unworthy and sinful servant of Your parental blessing for my child in the coming mornings, days, evenings and nights for Thy name’s sake, for Your Kingdom is eternal, omnipotent and Almighty. Amen.

PRAYER to the VIRGIN OF CHILDREN (parent’s prayer)

O most-Holy lady virgin Theotokos, save us under cover of Your my Chad (names), all of the young men, adolescents, and infants who are baptized and nameless in the womb of a mother bear. Cover them with a garment of Your maternity, and keep them in the fear of God and obedience to one’s parents, pray my Lord, and Thy Son, give them useful to salvation. Handed their Maternal Thy Providence, Thou art the Divine Intercession of Thy servants.

The LAST PRAYER of the OPTINA SPARTANS (to get through a difficult period of life)

Lord, give me peace of mind to face all the things that bring me the coming day. Allow me to completely surrender to Thy Holy will. For every hour of this day with all guide me and support me. What I would have missed the news during the day, teach me to accept them with peace of soul and firm conviction that all Thy Holy will. In all words and deeds my guide my thoughts and feelings. In all emergencies don’t let me forget that all is sent down by Thee. Teach me and to act reasonably with each member of my family, no one is confusing and unnerving. Lord, give me strength to endure the fatigue of the coming day and all the events throughout the day. Guide my will and teach me to pray, to believe, to hope, to suffer, to forgive and to love. Amen.


Prayer is to be read slowly, consciously, paying attention to every word that you address God. If your own heart isn’t responsive to what you say – be sure to the Lord, you will not reach yet.

I think the main thing to believe. If you do, nothing scary, you can go through all. To believe in anything in ourselves, in memories, in people, in justice, in what happiness is. In your future. That will succeed. In love. In karma. In what they are doing. In favorite books. In the romance. In your life. In their principles. In miracles. In the laughter.… to Believe, to believe without stopping. Without a doubt. Any fears will disappear. Any doubts will be gone. With faith you can dig up the needle well. “…the Desire to pray – even if they don’t work – it’s already a prayer”.