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Play activity preschool child


At preschool age in the exercise of gaming and productive activity in children appear strong, specific beliefs about various objects, their functions, although the education of parents is also important. Therefore, classes expedient to organize in a more relaxed manner, so that they quickly acquire new skills and knowledge (they are more likely to remember a list of food if you present yourself as a cook) or faster to learn how to dress for example dolls.

Gradually preschooler becomes the subject of activity, which is reflected in the hierarchical structure of his motives, he begins to act more consciously. Understands that the world is organized is more difficult than he previously thought. Sometimes in front of him in a dilemma: to do something useful or fun, there is a public and personal motives, but more often it is guided by the second.

During this period, useful purchase will be noisy musical baby toy with meaningful repetition of certain phrases, or nice signal in accordance with the required actions. For example, in the morning you need pochitstit teeth, have Breakfast, get dressed and wash up.

Develops a new perception of the world changes the behavior of the crumbs, which becomes less situational, and to a greater extent arbitrary. It lays the Foundation for the formation nodsituation motives. They are a very important prerequisite for proper formation of the personality of the child and conduct a fundamentally new level, which will gradually cease to depend on the specific situation.

To preschool age little one not only begins to treat myself (distinguishes himself as an individual, determines their belonging to any gender (boy, girl)), but also to the environment. Gradually there is a division of toys by gender.

Gaming activity at an early age

Some famous psychologists (e.g., Vygotsky) tend to divide the activity into three main types: academic, work and play, they are inextricably linked and to some extent represented in the life of every person.

For the full development of preschool children it is necessary that cognitive activity, game and chat with their friends, peers harmoniously correlated, were closely linked with each other, and the toys were in line to age.

The game helps not only to expand knowledge preschooler about social reality, but also allows you to learn a complex, multi-faceted world of social relations, creates favorable conditions in order to try on different social roles (seller, doctor) and try to build relationships with people. She contributes to the fact that the kid has managed to take its place in the children’s team. Consequently, the child explores the inside of their features, learn to analyze, to assess the actions of peers, adults trying to describe them and through knowledge of the other better know yourself.

K. gross, a German psychologist, calls the game – the school of life. He notes that whatever the means by which it was modeled, whatever the rules were not conducted, it is in any case aimed at studying their culture (norms, traditions). For many parents, it seems chaotic, sometimes senseless, but it is in any case not diminish its importance for children’s development.

Preschoolers reproduce it previously seen, because they are very curious. Closely watching their parents and actively imitate them, that is, it focuses mainly on the reflection of the social world. Scientists believe that the development of the baby is determined by the successful acquisition of social rules, values, experiences.

In the game you can highlight innovative and stable content. The first component is brought by the child (idea, direction), while the second reproduces the set of the society.

Games preschooler

There is a huge amount of games, but they can be categorised into two groups:

Creative play with the plot developed by the child (role-playing). Subject-manipulative activities early childhood grows into a creative game preschooler (“Happy accident”). The child is no longer to focus on things and focuses more on the people (significant loved ones, peers), begins to feel like an adult. Rebuilt his relationship with his parents, if he actively interacts with family members, there is an improvement, the complexity of the game. It builds a preschooler to a new level of development.

Role-play activity helps to simulate the specific conditions under which baby can feel like an adult, to stand in his place, to copy, to reproduce its behavior. The baby is trying to at least look like an adult, for example to care for a favorite toy or to emulate the behavior of the grandmother. Such a pastime stimulates the development of the mental processes of the child (memory, perception, thinking).

Subject of the game. The child carries out various manipulations with objects that help him to understand the properties, functions, forms, features things.

A preschooler needs to have at its disposal not only a modern toy, but unformed, opening to the imagination. You can give him some wooden sticks, cubes or special toys. to his imagination turned a workpiece in an independent thing. Usually children find many ways to use such items, for example, uncommon wand can turn into a staff, sword, wand, and so on, and various parts are of course very unusual items. Here the children’s imagination has no limits.

Development of the child in play activities.

Directing the game occurs at the junction of two age stages: early childhood and pre-school period. It takes place on the basis of a fairly simple plot, with children of the same type. They can long with a roar to carry the cube on the floor, imagining that it’s actually a locomotive.

Then formed figuratively-role-playing game. Preschooler invents a way, the tasks that need to be implemented. It is always based on some bright impressions, for example, he loved cartoon hero and he is trying to portray. These experiences can be linked to anything: a bell, a car, an airplane.

In five or six years he reflected role-play activity, she gradually accepted by the group is subject to the rules. Children relate to puppets, the same age as formal partners who also have a certain role. Roles are not as important as following the rules, in this case, the game contain the motif of the competition and based on the desire to become a winner.

So, in any game has an enormous development potential, therefore, it cannot be neglected. It not only forms the personality of the child, but also prepares him for adulthood, helps faster, better join a new team, it reflects everything that the child sees in everyday life, it shows his attitude to social reality, a worldview, that is why the game is so important.