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The age Difference between the first and second child


We have all heard the statement that “one child grows up selfish”. The assertion is certainly questionable, but perhaps it is the truth. So before every family, where there is one child, then the question is whether to give birth a second? In most families, the question of a second child is progressing. And so the decision was made: we have a second!

And before the parents will have to solve the second question: what is the ideal difference between children? One answer, of course, does not exist, and each family finds its own solutions to the question of a second child. In this article we will look at possible options for the difference in age between the first and second child.

The age difference between the children up to two years. Such babies are called pogodki. The main advantage of such a small age difference between children is that the children will have friends in common, shared toys, shared interests. Kids close in age is the perfect pair for play, closer, perhaps, can only be twins, or twins. The young mother quickly gave birth to a second child, will sit on maternity leave for about four years, instead of two times in three years, that is, in the future will be able to make a career without the distraction of the birth of children. Also parents of children-the sibling well remember the experience of care and education first baby, I remember all your little tricks, which undoubtedly facilitates the care of the second child. First child aged one or two years will not be jealous of parents to the appearance of the baby, he has not had time to get used to the fact that he is the center of the universe.

The main drawback of having children-pogodok is the probability of a complicated pregnancy and the birth of weak second child. This is due to too short an interval between pregnancies, the mother’s body has no time to recover from the first pregnancy, no time to relax and accumulate a sufficient amount of nutrients. Moreover, in this situation, the first child is still very small, and requires mom a lot of time and effort. After the birth of her second child within one to two years after the first, the mother turns out to be in quite a difficult situation in her two hands a dependent child, each have to feed, bathe, dress. Walks can turn into a nightmare: it becomes very hard to walk with a stroller and can be used to chase a two-year period. For working moms for a long period of maternity leave leads to lower qualifications, to get back in the rhythm of work will be difficult. The emergence of children-pogodok can have a negative impact on relations between the parents because these kids are a very large physical and emotional burden, tired parents will not remain the strength and desire for intimacy, and this is a very important part of life of the spouses.

The age difference between children two to four years. Children with a difference in two to four years still retain common interests, they will be happy to play with each other. The first child already has the first self-help skills: eating, dressing, walking down the stairs. Most likely, the first child goes to kindergarten, and mom allow enough time to the baby and farming. The second child will develop quickly, imitating older brother or sister: it is too early to learn to eat independently, to ask for a pot and much more. Mom hasn’t lost the habit to get up at night so you will not suffer from lack of sleep. For mother’s body to give birth to children with this age difference is also pretty good: observed or observed almost recommended by gynecologists, a two-year break between pregnancies.

But for women who seek a career is the difference in two to four years between children is not the best option. She only manages to get out of the first leave to care for a child, it is time to meet the second. Career will certainly suffer. Can also suffer emotional development of children, as is likely the mother will deal with both children at the same time. In such a situation often or younger increased demands or underestimated the capabilities of the older. May experience this phenomenon, as the jealousy of an older child.

The age difference between children five to seven years. In five to seven years, the first child is very independent, he can even help in caring for a baby. If the first child goes to school, when the mother is in holiday on care of the second child, then mom has the opportunity to see and meet the child from school and be confident in its safety. And in the future, when the children will be students to pay tuition will need at a time that is less costly for parents than to teach children at a time.

Play these children together will, of course, but not as often as I would like. Yet they will have different friends and different interests. A child who just started school, needs mom’s attention and assistance, his life is entering a crucial period, and if the second child is still quite small, due to time constraints, it is possible to “run” first. Also at the age of five to seven years of very strong can be the jealousy of their first child to the kid, he’s not used to sharing the attention of parents, and suddenly the lion’s share of his time mom and dad start to devote a newborn.

The age difference between children eight to ten years. In eight or ten years old the first child is already very independent. He and eggs can cook and homework to do. However, he was used to feel the center of mom and dad’s life, and may protest the change. Or, if the first child have this tendency, it can be an excellent nanny for the baby. In children with this age difference precluded the theme of the competition for toys. The parents before the birth of her second child the opportunity to relocate, to learn, to make a career.

In children with an age difference of eight to ten years there are no common interests, they have different circle of friends and interests. Parents have already forgotten their experience of the relationship with the baby, and all have to learn anew.

The age difference between the children over ten years. A child older than ten years already has their interests, their social circle. He spends a lot of time with friends and a few parents. The birth of the second child will not allow parents to become orphaned. Spouses have the opportunity to once again feel young again, but differently, to experience all the emotions associated with the appearance of the baby.

However, there are General rules that should be followed when deciding on the birth of her second child. First, it is desirable that from the birth of the first baby to second pregnancy it took at least two years, such term to restore the female body is defined by gynecologists. Also at the time of the second pregnancy at least one year must elapse from the date of completion of breastfeeding.

It is equally important to understand that second child you give birth to himself. You should not refer to the second child as playmate for the first, and the first – as to the nurse for a second. Do not force an older child to care for the baby, walk with him, if the first child doesn’t want it. Do not deprive the child’s childhood. And remember, the age difference is not stimulated to grow or not your children are the closest to each other people.though as children we didn’t play together, but each had his own friends. I want my children was such a difference in age.