Why the baby sleeps?
  Read this article a few months ago. Who is the author, I don't know. All this time she never leaves my mind. Please read. In the underpass near the…

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Personality and society, interaction and influence
  The individual and society. Why always these words are next? Personal characteristics always call a certain collection of properties of an individual, useful for society and recognized that same…

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The basis of the Family code will form the presumption of innocence of the parents
  Loud the repercussions of the innovation proposed by the state Duma Committee on family, women and children. We are talking about a fundamental change in the Family code. Now…

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Psychology, Relationships, Upbringing


Anyway we are all afraid of something. Bolshinstvo fears we are trying to overcome, so they often prevent us from living and normally in contact with the outside world. But there are those types of fears or phobias that are quite specificly themselves. Here about such and will be discussed in this article.

The call for self-criticism or Confessions of a creative nature

Talk about crazy, that they not become?

The sweet word “freebie”. What it is and how to get it?

Fear of failure – what is it, and how to fight it?

What to give yourself? Why we make gifts to themselves?

The understanding of the word abortion in modern society. How to maintain harmony in the family?

Relationships in the family. Work on yourself. How to keep the family together?

A few tips on how to overcome the spring depression

Methods of dealing with the spring depression, which prevents many from living a full life with the changing seasons. A few tips on how to dispel depression and to be useful to society.

Again about parenting: how to raise a child? Systems and models to educate children in other countries

Why do children grow better in your home? 5 benefits of raising a child in a private house

What comes first – the chicken or the egg? Chicken eggs do not teach? A bit of philosophy about the chicken and the egg

Relationship dispute – entertainment cowards. Why do people argue on people?

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The love of parents to children is a favored gift or downcast duty? How to Wake up maternal instinct or How I became a mother

Understand each other! What people need to understand each other?

How to understand what flirting with you? Technology flirting. Oh this sweet flirting! If flirting man

How to choose anime for yourself and your child?

What is anime hentai? Watching anime is bad or not?

You can’t SMOKE to DROP – kick your punctuation! To smoke or not to smoke? That is the question

What is gender? The concept of gender in sociology and psychology. The struggle of the sexes: contemporary gender stereotypes. Suffragism, feminism

What are anxiety disorders in children? Social phobia, the competition, obsessive-compulsive disorder, sociopathy, insectophobia.

What is addiction? In which case, the person is a dependent? The signs and addictions, ways of getting rid of them. What is zapping?

What people complain about? Frequent causes of complaints – complaints of violation of human rights authorized person. Why do people complain about life?

All life on Earth is designed so that when the discomfort starts to complain: animals emit cries, the birds indignantly shaking wings. However, in animals, and birds have much less reasons for complaints than people. We can complain not only to hunger or a sudden wind, but on a failed life

Concept and types of disputes. The art of debate. How to argue properly? In a dispute born truth – is this true? Why do people argue?

Everyone is different, and maybe someone will not agree with the comments You thought aloud. Will start a dispute. How to do it properly? That is taken into account, resulting in their evidence? About this and some other of our article. First of all, you need to understand – what exactly is the dispute?

The 16 personality types in socionics (tima): Esenin, Balzac, hamlet, Napoleon, Dostoevsky, beetles, Robespierre, Gaben, don Quixote, Dreiser, Stirlitz, Huxley, Hugo, Jack London, Alexandre Dumas, Maxim Gorky

There is such a science, as socionics. It examines the different perceptions of events and information about the world around him, classifies people according to personality types and helps to establish relationships between them. Scientists can’t come to the same conclusion is to consider whether this science separate from psychology

Depression? Laugh in her face! 5 ways to beat depression by yourself or How to beat depression without drugs?

Loneliness is the enemy of health. How and why loneliness is bad? As loneliness harms health? Loneliness bastard? One hundred years of solitude

Loneliness for most people is one of the strongest stress. Even strong-willed people that claim to be accustomed to and like to be alone, deep down sharply endure loneliness, as well as others. And stress is a frontier state of soul and body, in which a person is vulnerable

Is it easy to learn a person’s character? How to see the true nature of man? The nature of man is when he when he was drunk!

Tale lie, Yes in it a hint – good fellows a lesson. Fairy tales for children – the role of fairy tales in education