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Children’s Early development. Methods of teaching


“Early development” for many associated with something premature and unnecessary.

Why teach something to children if it will all be studied in school?

– Why deprive children of their childhood?

– It’s bad!

Let’s order to answer these questions and exclamations.

1. The school will teach?

Are you sure Your child is WELL taught at school? What a teacher has the time and desire to find an INDIVIDUAL approach to Your child by selecting it from dozens of others?

Only PARENTS, knowing their child can get him INTERESTED in learning. Or You will have enjoyable the old-fashioned way, check the diary, to blame for two and put in the corner? This will not be his twos and threes, and Your dear parents. After all, You’ve all gone to school.

Still in doubt? Then look at the school’s physical education classes. Why need a sports section, where children take on the principle of “sooner the better”? Maybe because you need that after some school lessons of physical culture is not something that will not become an Olympic champion, but just will not work well to master any one sport.

2. You cannot deprive the child’s childhood?

No one forces You to put the child at the table for 40 minutes and to be such a wimp: “Write And write And who writes!”, then release for 5 minutes, again to sit at the table and authority to interrogate: “2+2 is how much? Quickly think!”

PLAY letters and numbers child as INTERESTING as in the colored blocks. It all depends on You and only You.

Just walking and looking at grass and trees can turn into a fascinating lesson in natural history. But only a small problem: You need to know than maple differs from the elm, and what is this little bundle of grass with sharp leaves. And You, of course, there are better things to do than answer endless questions of the child. You’re so tired You need to rest, to discuss the latest events from the TV series or do something else equally important. So do not talk about “lost childhood” tell me honestly, that You are simply lazy.

3. It’s bad for the baby?

Try saying that after a child all his movements for 30 minutes. It is unlikely that You will be able to withstand this load. Children FITTER You. Still in doubt? Let us recall his childhood and youth and sad to think about how You all have the strength.

Children EASILY and immediately REMEMBER some of unknown words. Don’t believe? Think of the “bad” words that children learn from repetition. You so fail to learn the language of some African tribe. What prevents You from playing with children in the “secret language” and learn the same English? If You are with conspiratorial views and a quiet whisper will tell the child that “table” in a secret language called “table”, then this knowledge may penetrate young minds not worse word of three letters.

If You will play with the child in interesting games, giving the knowledge you no harm and can not be. The harm from neglect or from tyranny, which is exactly what the early development is irrelevant.

And remember, dear parents, fools and so lacking, so do NOT replenish their ranks with their beloved children.