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When the child begins to smile?


Cry and go in an endless scream — all this baby is very good from birth and for any deserving of his attention. Another way of communication for him as if does not exist. You (something still inexperienced, but certainly caring mother) can in turn be offended by the firstborn of the unjust “charges” and one day, no longer able to calmly endure the mental anguish, tears on a couple of “ungrateful”. And yet, save your nerves during these “gigs”. Be patient. So nature came up, which to be joyful feelings the child has yet to learn. And he will do it on their own, and very soon — a matter of days.

Joy — a sign of intelligence

Smile cause, share it, give it or hide… Notice, “libcobertura” always included a few parties and this process is controlled by the consciousness, while a smile or laughter for no reason older people are often perceived as a sign of a weak mind. In infants, they have any manifestation of positive emotions normally indicates progressive mental development.

Take a look. First, the baby will start slightly pursing your lips, but his clumsy smile-grin will be wandering and to no treatment. What at this time does your mysterious karapuda La Gioconda, is not known. But the fact remains — when a child is ill, he “includes the siren” and builds a completely different face, addressing it to the whole world at once (“Look what you doing to me! How was it possible to admit!”). When his basic needs are satisfied, he is warm, cozy and it is full, then there is no need to press the “ultimatum”, the corners of her mouth stretched by themselves. Such “paulescu” psychologists call physiological or reflex. Simply put, as the filling of the bladder leads to urinary baby, and favorable environmental conditions paint on his face something resembling a smile — it is considered that the consciousness of this has nothing. And only when the child learns to look beyond his nose (in every sense, because babies are nearsighted), finally see you, loving mother, leaning over his crib, and smile at you specifically — when he starts to transform into a Reasonable Person. “now I feel good and nice. Thank you all. I am very glad that he was in good and kind hands” — he reports you.

And this is the first joy of the crumbs equally important for his young mother. While the memory is still fresh in the memories of family fights, smoke, white coats, etc. and you have already moved all the worries about her husband, the child and the household, it is easy to fall into depression. The first conscious smile of a baby, coming from the very depths of his heart, — as a thank you for your efforts. Seeing her, you will not be able to stand against child charm, sincerity and kindness. From the sudden flood of feelings slam the heart and the soul will become magically good — you will realize that you love that baby so much and hard as anyone else and never in my life. Isn’t that what you wanted?

Answer me, little one!

To demonstrate the joy of the people most of the kids on may 6–8 weeks of life. Often at the same time the baby begins to move arms, legs, long and stares you right in the eye — on science, such behavior is called “a manifestation of reflex revival”. For doctors and psychologists, these words mean that the baby is what distinguishes human beings from inanimate objects, preference, and hence, normal mental developing. It is noticed that the emotional communication between parents and baby contributes to the development of this reflex (even blind babies smile in response to the PA pleasant touch and the voice of the mother), and unwillingness to give them warmth, may lead to a delay of mental development of the baby.

But let’s say you wholeheartedly love child, and yet while his peers constantly smiling happily, your fortress, it seems that even not going to do that, although all the time it is high time? Don’t panic! All babies are different, with a unique character, and therefore “entitled” to smile whenever you want — someone on the fourth week, someone at the sixth to eighth, and someone on the twelfth. Because baby there are lots of fundamental things: he needs to learn to control his arms, legs, and the parents don’t demand that he, like blowing bubbles in a puddle Behemoth known anecdote, this second “dropped everything and started to do stuff”. Wait, the turn comes to smiles. And while the baby is still not discovered this type of activity as a manifestation of joy, try to help him — wear on your hands, caress it, stroke it, gently and nice talk with him and smile, he wanted to respond, to repeat your facial expressions become like you. To make you such a nice gift, the kid should be implemented simultaneously 17 facial muscles (think it’s easy?). As soon as at one point get it, your baby will turn into the happiest “alabastine” and “haiku”.

Why is he doing this?

From that day on, his appearance on the horizon of a living being, especially moms and dads, will cause her real ecstasy. However, among some psychologists widely believed, though it is stormy jubilation says, not about falling in love with you baby or his attempts to explain his feelings. According to them, it means that the baby has found a new way to attract, “snap” to his own person the attention of everyone who has two eyes, mouth and nose (pipsqueak can rejoice even in the figure of a human face). But let’s not accuse him of such a sophisticated selfishness and callousness, in fact his soul is open for you and are capable of the first great feeling — sincere affection. His happiness, he will be willing to share with each and everyone, down to the so-called crisis of the seventh month (at this juncture, the kids begin a new, somewhat suspicious of strangers). Emotional selectivity — this is a normal reaction, baby overcomes another step in their psychological development. If the baby ’s coccidia” at strangers, but on your tenderness and heart warmth invariably responds joyfully to worry about — so develop his relationship with the world.

The training of the senses

What to do if you notice that your toddler (or baby buddies that you came to visit) consciously smiling and is in a good mood? Use this point for the benefit of the tot — play: far castroite funny grimace, bevel eye or say, sing something impossibly cheerful. Kid again incentive smiled in return? Congratulations, the contact is established!

Smile at him even wider smile or do something even more hilarious. How the child reacts now? Pretty, just like you smiling? Perfect! You understand each other without words and became friends. Although it was only a game and not serious “lesson of life”, but you gave the baby on his own invaluable life experience to establish contacts with the outside world.

Pick your time

Hugging the child and try to make him smile, you need in good time (at least not when he wants to quietly pasopati in two holes). How to know, would the baby to communicate with you at the moment? Here are sure signs:

it was burning a hole in place;

he rolls his head around and stares with wide open eyes;


clasps his fingers over all that handy.