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The interior of the nursery: tips for parents


The theme of the interior of the nursery so hyped that there is no point in trying to describe the same thing, trying to advertise another product. So talk in simple language the average citizen’s standard two-bedroom apartment.

So what we have:

Not really,

– You have a small child,

– You have not one little child

and most importantly

– do You have a separate children (you are lucky).

– You even have some savings for pediatric equipment.

Let’s go with the end – if the funds in Your Bank account sufficient to pay for the work of the designer and what he will let You down – this article can not be read.

If You have a limited amount of money – decide rationally:

Tip # 1: Pricing

Small children will ever appreciate Your investments in expensive Wallpaper (the Wallpaper in the nursery ), floor covering and natural furniture to order (although, of course, is a great and durable option). They love to tear, to draw, to scratch and peeing where stopped their curious eyes. This does not mean that we need to buy consumer goods. God forbid! Children only the best. Just decide for yourself what You are ready to change in a child after two years, at best, three or four.

Tip # 2: set Wallpaper

In stores huge selection of children’s Wallpaper, they are so beautiful and different that is willing to take at least half. But! Take your time. First, determine the color – it should not “cut eye”, to dazzle and distract, or annoy, including over time and You. Psychologically soothing colors – blue, green, pink. The subject of the picture may be different. But for Your own child best, so she was kind, sincere and unobtrusive (dense pattern pressing on the mind, as wonderful as it was). The interior of the nursery for a boy can be decorated with Wallpaper with cars, airplanes, bears, and, maybe, and tools. Room for girls, of course, this should not be. It is better to choose beautiful flowers, bows, dolls, etc.

Tip # 3: Sleeper

One of the main places in the interior of the nursery for both boys and girls, actually. Many parents in order to save space, opt for these purposes a couch that is easy to assemble and disassemble. Modern industry began to produce enough high-quality children’s couches or similar furniture. But! Not everywhere You this quality furniture will find (I’m talking about the majority of Russian cities, not Moscow), and if you find, the prices will obviously surprise you. How to choose a sofa, we have already written. Therefore, the most affordable, reliable and funktsionalnogo option is the bed. Normal bed with a good mattress, which the child will eventually learn to fill. And remove the pillow with a blanket is optional. Although the range of children’s beds is such that there is a toy box, and a box for bedding. The width of the mattress can vary from 60 -70 cm and up to how many you want. Very convenient, and saves space in the center of the room. If two kids with a bunk bed. But – it’s not for everybody and if there is no other way. After all, to determine who and where you will sleep, You will be difficult, and children can have a good squabble.

Tip # 4: Dress wardrobe

Something without which can not do. There are several options, depending on the situation. You can put a wardrobe with opening doors – familiar, cheaper and easy to repair, if the child decided to play around with the door. Closet – saves space, but often fail rails. So choose from reliable. Conveniently, if here below will be roll-out drawers – the child he took out the panties, socks and tights. These things require careful folding, and the child learns to be independent. To the Cabinet directly or through the upper mezzanine can settle down shelves for books, toys, boxes. The doors may be of the usual rectangular form, and asymmetric with a slight tapering at the top. The interior looks good, when in the children’s room for boys wardrobe blue color or blue color in combination with any other. This color is calming and at the same time not boring. For young kids at the time. But the children’s room for girls looks better with a graceful and delicate design, rounded edges in yellow and pink shades.

Corner wardrobes are a very convenient solution to the problem of storage in a limited space. They can be freestanding and built-in. Freestanding wardrobes are a housing with walls, shelf panel, bottom, different partitions and drawers inside. Built-in wardrobes-compartments may be partially in the walls, the ceiling, the floor of the room.

For buyer’s convenience corner wardrobes, typically, masters are made to order on a pre-calculated size. To do this, you first come into the apartment or office, measures place for future furniture and is drafting a Cabinet. The buyer may also, at its discretion, select the material and the desired color for the wardrobe. The building corner cabinets are often made of particle boards and sliding doors made of profiles (metal or steel), in which then insert glass, a thin sheet of chipboard or mirrors. Sections of the hull of wardrobes can be from one to three. Wardrobe with one section is placed right in the corner. Doors cabinets is at least two, and they parted in different directions. For normal operation to turn the door space is required not less than 90 cm, otherwise it makes no sense for their use in corner cabinets.

Tip # 5: Table

If Your children are still very small (0 – 3 years) take your time with the choice of well-equipped working area with a Desk, shelves for books and computer. Of course, in the interior of the nursery is going to look like the completeness of the picture. But! A small child at the table uncomfortable. By that time, when he grows, the table will look rather scruffy. A small table will fit, but look carefully at the height of the table and the chair, it is desirable that it was regulated. If the children are students, the choice of a table should be at a very serious level, if you want to get good marks without harm. The table should be placed near the window so that its surface was the maximum number Solnechnoe light. Every child should be a lamp, including daylight. No less important is the choice of a convenient chair.

In the interior of the nursery for a boy quite fit the wall with a small set of rope ladder, rings and horizontal bar. But the girls could use the area for beauty: a mirror and a table for personal hygiene items, including a comb, cream, wipes etc.

What else will be in the interior of the nursery – it’s up to You. The main thing – do not overdo it. Do not forget to lay a warm carpet that can be easily vacuumed, Pat, wash. Curtains can be anything, as long as they were closing and was decorated by the window, and did not interrupt its saturation throughout the room.

So, the children’s room is a space for children’s imagination, so the interior should not be Intrusive. And no matter how much children’s headsets, it is important that Your child’s words and actions. Children need not furniture, they need order and cleanliness, comfort and beauty, warmth and Your love.

Video of the day. Designer Yury Sheremetyev tells how to look like a nursery.