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Princess in the house or especially the education of girls


Born in the family of the girl! Parents are happy and admiring my little miracle! I really want all moms and dads who have these wonderful little creations of God, knew the most important thing – especially the needs, both physical and psychological, which are required for their little Princess.

One mom wrote for his daughter, who turned 5 months old, full of love and admiration verse:

In the Universe you’re the only one, as beautiful as timid flower!

Fragrant each petal and a drop of dew, the beam flashing,

Leaves – the kind of emerald, or maybe the fingers of the maiden’s hand,

Beautiful, tender words. Dreams parents can come true, if in the process of education to include some tips.

Business skills

Increasingly I see young families, where the frustrated husband asks him to teach his wife, at least the main skills of farming. It turns out that before the wedding, he did not even know that his future wife is not able, and not willing to wash dishes, to cook, to clean the house. All this was done by the mother, and the girl was studying, resting, walking. Loving mother sent the daughter to the yard, so as not to interfere when she was little. My mom has a philosophy: “get married and learn! It has all come!” But this pernicious notion did the dirty deed: husband is already thinking that he made a mistake in choosing a girlfriend life. The main task of parents is to arouse positive emotions in girls when performing chores around the house. To start this training is necessary from 2.5 years to 3.5 years. Just a year! But this is a very important time when the child rejoices that makes with you. He awaits your admiration, your praise. It is very important for this period in a girl’s life. Indeed, it makes the job is not perfect, maybe even very unimportant. The child holds you, brings your presence problem. You need to redo something that was so carefully done by the child. But it’s not terrible! Pay attention to your charming assistant, praise her, and you will see how to Shine in her eyes. Positive emotions will follow her the rest of his life because one of the very significant features of the female psyche is a deep emotional memory. This is why some girls for a lifetime there is a feeling of pleasure from doing work around the house, they do it with joy, and some of them claim that they “can not stand washing dishes or gender.” To leave such an unpleasant emotional mark in the psyche of girls, need some – just to set the tone in the family that as a punishment for… (disobedience), she has to do… (to iron clothes). It acts not only on whom to punish, but also to all other children. Memory links work with a wave of unpleasant emotions and whenever necessary to fulfill your request or order, the link is fixed.

The “secret” conversations with my mother

Unbroken connection

There is one danger that must not be forgotten. For those mothers who love their children and can’t imagine that they can leave them as it is written in the Bible: “a man will Leave his father and mother…”. Parental love sometimes goes beyond all reasonable limits and does not allow the girl to make your choice even in the little things of life. For it think and decide, don’t allow yourself to make a choice and possibly be mistaken in this case. Mom even had a grown daughter strongly dictates what she should say or do in his family. This outraged a young man and there is the notorious conflict: son + mother-in-law, who “sticks his nose in our family”. And mom is just not sure about my daughter, she’s not sure that her daughter will make the right choice. Not sure why? Because it is not taught this. Always issues were resolved for her. This education in psychological attachment yields negative results in the nature of children, their ability to raise a family, it is felt in any situation where you need to make a choice. Especially negatively impact special affection of the mother and unbroken ties to sons. But the girl are not taught to think correctly, will bring a lot of trouble to themselves and others. Parents have aged 10 years constantly to support her son and daughter-in mode “make the correct decision.” For this you need to maintain constant communication through conversations, personal meetings, stories about yourself, maybe even about their mistakes.

Admire her Princess

It concerns the Pope. The first and the best man in a girl’s life – it’s dad. And how horrible, if this man makes a fatal mistake: he drinks, swears, yells at his wife or raises a hand on her. It is the Pope can educate his future victim behavior in family life, as he did with his wife. The model of the relationship goes to the girl and she will repeat the failed life of his mother.

It is the Pope who can make his daughter can become a loving and faithful wife. Say, dear dad, your daughters, your kind words, complimenting them, pick them up, touch them, hug your daughter, call her your Princess, Belle. After twenty years she will look for her husband, like you, if not outwardly, then on the basis of relationship to it and generally to the woman. If you cannot find this, it’s not going to marry someone, she would easily expect, without feeling any discomfort. In her psychological state does not have the void filled only by the relationship with my dad, where she heard many times that he loved. This is the most important factor in shaping the future attractive and happy women.

Today a lot of girls grow up without dads for different reasons. Most divorces (about 70%) are initiated by women in the appearance of many negative emotions. In many cases, then comes repentance: hurried, could not resist, I wanted revenge… But for some reason women never think about what will bring daughter’s life without a father, especially if the daughter and father are very attached to each other. The larger the attachment, the more revenge. But, unfortunately, in an emotional storm never take into account the interests daughter and the consequences of that void, which invariably appears in the absence of the father. The wounds of bitterness against the Pope, who left a daughter who will bleed for dozens of years and will bear bitter fruit in the next generation. You can do without a divorce, given that reconciliation and understanding in the family will be a strong Foundation for the happiness of your children.

For girls and boys, for their normal psychological development is important to the presence of both father and mother. And there is no greater joy and pleasure for the child, as the hugging and loving each other mom and dad. It brings peace and balance to the development of the child’s mind. Come on, dear, let’s make their children happy!