How to teach your child to hear the first time?
  This text I found on the Internet and just can't help but post on our website. Children often can't hear what we adults tell them, and this problem is…

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Children close in age, especially birth
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Socio-psychological mechanisms of communication
  Communication creates a number of unique social and psychological mechanisms through which is formed the social psyche. Infection is a special method of exposure, a certain way of uniting…

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The Young father with a child


Odessa. Hot summer. The city is full of tourists, bus stops full of people, especially those from which leaves transport in the direction of the city’s beaches.

On one of these stops is a young father with a child, a girl five years if six.

Young dad exhausted or heat, or the endless questions of the child on the topic of “why” and “why”, and the child does not calm down – why do we stand so long, why not rides our bus, why, finally, dad, you can’t buy me ice cream?

– You have a sore throat, darling, can’t you ice cream.

– Well, paaap, I don’t have a sore throat, buy ice cream!

– Mom said you have a sore throat.

– Forget to think that my mom said now I tell you that my throat doesn’t hurt. Buy ice cream!

The people at the bus stop nods approvingly – the kid definitely knows how to get his. In the end, dad decides that it is easier to buy her daughter an ice cream, than to explain why he will not do, and was about to take the child to the nearest tent with ice cream, as here came the bus. The people running cracked in places, the man was perched at the window and took the child in his arms.

On the way from the speakers of the bus could hear pop pop. “Thank God, not Russian chanson!”, thought younger dad as her daughter was not far behind with questions and each song was asked about what it’s about. “Love you, daughter,” replied dad. But when the speakers sounded the song with the words “you’re pregnant – it’s only temporary”, he apparently decided to make diversity and the question of a daughter, “Daddy, what’s this song?” replied, “morning gymnastics”.

Sitting next to passengers giggled quietly and sat in a nearby chair typical Odessa aunt Sonya raised a cry:

– What nonsense-we talking about? Well you child the noodles on the ears hang? You tell her that it found in the cabbage! She’ll grow up uneducated, and above it will laugh! I, too, was the smartest!

The passengers in the cabin were silent, even the driver was a little turned down the volume. Everyone expected what would happen next. During a moment of silence the daughter asked dad:

– Dad, why the lady is like?

Dad thought for a moment, smiled and said:

– Daughter, aunt just long morning exercises not worked.

The cabin rolled with laughter. Aunt, long time “is not engaged in morning exercises”, he hastened to jump at the next stop, continuing to swear. General merriment subsided, Yes for a while. The girl completely guileless tone said to his father:

– Dad, and maybe mom, too, need to do morning exercises? Then she would scream, my throat hurts, and buy me ice cream!

The salon again burst into laughter. There is already dad flew off the bus, dragging her daughter. The beach remained two stops. A young dad with a child walked. The girl continued questions on “why” and “why”, simultaneously diluting their requests to buy ice cream, and her dad, apparently, secretly begged heaven for two things: that the wife learned of the portions of ice cream, bought daughter, and that on the beach did not find any passenger of a minibus.

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