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How to raise your child?


Children are our everything, the flowers of life and the most beautiful thing that can happen to us, but that’s only the happiness of motherhood and fatherhood can turn into a nightmare if you do not understand how to implement the process of education beloved child.

Aspects and standards of education for girls and boys differ significantly, this point is important to consider and watch out that your child has grown a worthy man. We all live once, learn how to raise their children, unfortunately, we do not explain, basically, to have to rely on personal experience and reasoning.

And, I guess, if the development of society stood on the spot, to educate the younger generation it would be easier, but everything changes, so you have to adapt to modern trends and innovations of modern life.

Raising a daughter is hard work, because of a little flower need to grow a real woman with her best qualities and merits, and on the way to this final stage parents lurks many difficult decisions and confusing situations.

Throughout the years of mankind’s development, attitudes and behaviour of women in society has undergone significant changes. If the girl was to become a Keeper of the hearth, the beautiful heiress of the family, now on the fragile shoulders of the fair sex are quite difficult and, in the old days, wild liabilities. What skills should a real woman in modern society?

To be beautiful and well-groomed to like the opposite sex, and as a result, to get a worthy partner.

To be smart and educated to find a good job, to fulfill your potential and become an independent individual.

To be healthy and reasonable to give birth to healthy children, and then to be able to properly bring up and maintain.

And, finally, to be interesting, curious and deep personality, not to be lost among the crowd, to find real friends and keep the love interests that she has always been like.

Of course, fine, if in such a difficult scheme of life, she will meet the man who will share her difficulties, at least in half, but the cases are different. How to raise a girl to in the future could be truly happy?

Of course, the question is rather complex and in each case, it is necessary to approach to its solution in their own way, but still, there are certain recommendations that are a good help in the upbringing of the little Princess. We will discuss some of them.

Who are you looking at?

Almost any mom with 100% certainty I can say that her daughter is the most beautiful and lovely creature on Earth. But often, whether afraid to praise your child, whether due to their own complexes. the younger girl doesn’t hear such words from his mother. How to act and not to praise your daughter, because, as you know, beauty isn’t everything, but how not to develop her inferiority complexes, which can develop into serious problems?

It is well known that a cute and pretty girl is much easier to find friends, get a job, to get the second half, and indeed, to settle in life. But do you will discover that beauty is not eternal, over time, as we hadn’t tried, a pretty face is covered with wrinkles, the figure is gaining weight and other female “charms”.

And if the girl got used to rely only on his pretty face, then she guaranteed problems in adult life. You well got a husband, but if it was only in its external charm, all the shortcomings will quickly appear, and marriage, simply, to fall apart.

If you are the happy parents of the little beauties, don’t forget to remind her about it unobtrusively compliments. however, it is necessary to remind that “to whom much is given, and demand more.”

Even the most beautiful and sweet child need to be taught kindness, good manners and to develop inner peace, because only friendly, generous and smart girl can get rid of envy of her friends, find true love and cope with other life challenges.

If your child does not possess the beauty, but rather has some disadvantages – problems with weight, glasses, braces, freckles, tall or overly short – in any case not podsmeivaetsya, and even more, don’t insult your child.

This applies particularly to the period of raising a girl when she becomes a teenager – redundant complexes and another reason to withdraw into yourself is.

In order to get rid of existing complexes, see photos of celebrities with custom appearance, explain that there are no ugly people together and find a way to emphasize its advantages.

Teach your little one that girls and women with an unusual appearance should be very careful while creating their own image: find together the right clothes, work with a hairstyle that will teach you not to draw attention to problematic or non-standard zones.

This girls is especially important to hear from their mothers, and more importantly, from the fathers, words of tenderness and admiration of his daughter. These simple techniques will help you raise confident, strong personality who is not afraid of difficulties, and learning to overcome them.

Not only beautiful, but also smart!

And although the education of self-love and skills to care for themselves, a very important aspect of the upbringing of every girl, we should not forget about mental and spiritual abilities of your daughter.

Well, if your child is brought up with the boys: show in the same study requirements and to boys and girls. Let them grow the spirit of competition, the girl needs to understand that education in her life, as important as in the life of a brother or any other man, because the only way she will be able to achieve certain heights in life.

Learn to set goals and don’t forget to monitor achievement: your Princess needs to understand that life consists of aspirations and desires, which need to be able to achieve on their own, without anyone’s help. However, don’t forget to remind her that when it is hard and tough, always have loved ones that will help her.

Control what you read and what interests your daughter, what books and what music to listen to, of course, you cannot prevent to watch or read whatever you don’t like. But try to take care of that before it was movies or books about successful people, the stories have something to teach, to give ground for reflection, to enrich her mind with worthy role models.

By the way, this point applies to her parents – mom and dad should be the best example, but it needs to raise a little girl by personal example.

Always evolving, this will teach your younger lady to study and learn never to late to show that any life stage is another step personal development and self-improvement. And most importantly, don’t forget to communicate and interested in the Affairs of their child, attention – here, than in most need of our children.