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Children close in age, especially birth


Some parents consciously strive to ensure that the age difference between their children was minimal. Others lose vigilance, piously believing that while mom feeds her baby breast, a birth is impossible. Usually, doctors recommend women to plan their next pregnancy after 2-3 years after birth. At the same time, it is widely believed that the birth after a short pass easier, because the body “remembers” the recent experience. Who’s right – official medicine or popular rumor? What is the ideal interval between the appearances of the children to light?

Doctors often say that pregnancy – is not a disease, but at the same time see it as a test for the organism. In the body of a woman expecting a baby, there are the huge changes – changing the quantity and quality of blood, increasing pressure in the abdomen , several times increases the load on the internal organs (heart, lungs, urogenital system and digestive tract), spine and blood vessels. That’s why the waiting period the child is often exacerbated chronic disease or identification of new. The fetus receives from the mother’s body all the nutrients required for growth and development, so pregnant women increases the need for vitamins and minerals. In addition, during pregnancy, childbirth and lactation is constantly changing the hormonal imbalance that affects the entire body, but above all – on the nervous system.

Naturally, in order to recover after childbirth, women need some time. When without compromising the health you can give birth your next baby? The opinion is ambiguous even among physicians.

The majority of experts believes that to plan a new pregnancy is best in 2-3 years after birth . This figure is not taken from the ceiling. On average, a year is spent on breastfeeding a baby, and another year at least – to restore his mother’s body.

The world health organization (who) believes that the ideal interventionsi interval (i.e., the period between births) is 2.5-3.5 years . According to who, mom, immediately having another child, a 2-fold increased risk of developing preeclampsia, weakness and discoordination labor, bleeding during labor and fetal intrauterine growth and development of the fetus.

American researchers recommend moms to withstand a 3-year interval between births – this greatly reduces the probability to encounter such troubles like pressure surges and anaemia during pregnancy or bleeding in childbirth. Epidemiologist Department of health Missouri Bao Pin Zhu, who studied 400 thousand births, argues that the three-year period of benefit not only mothers but also children. Regardless of age, race, and social status of mothers, babies born with the observance of the due interval, stronger and healthier than those who were conceived before the recommended time.

His colleagues who conducted the study in Utah, argue that the optimal interval between births is between 18 and 23 months . Mothers who become pregnant for six months after a previous birth, 30-40% increased risk of giving birth to premature babies or babies with low weight. the “Experts believe that with a very short interval between births, the main reason violations is that the mother’s body has not finished recovering from vitamin deficiency, blood loss and stress associated with pregnancy and childbirth”, ” explains medical

Colombian scientists have studied 11 million pregnancies, it is recommended to plan the conception of the next baby not earlier than 18 and not later than 59 months after birth. The results of their research showed that pregnancy for six months after birth, 40% more likely to end premature birth and 61% more often – the birth of children with low birth weight.

Israeli doctors recommend that women wait at least 11 months after the birth of offspring. If pregnancy occurs in less than 6 months after the previous birth – the risk of miscarriage and premature birth increases by 23%, the birth of a child with low weight – 15%, stillbirth – 64%. In addition, women, conception immediately more at risk of developing such complications of pregnancy as beriberi, anemia, problems with blood pressure, varicose veins, tendency to bleeding or thrombosis, pathology of the placenta, impaired placental blood flow.

Are there any features in the course of childbirth pogodok? Usually, povtoria childbirth are 2 times faster than the first. On average, the length of the first birth is 10-12, and the subsequent – 5-6 hours. This is because in women giving birth cervix and vaginal muscles more elastic, so the cervix is require less time and attempts to fight and are more productive.

However, when the interval between births is small, muscles the cervix, vagina and press can not fully recover and, consequently, to work to their full potential. The most common complication in this case – the weakness of labor activity. Particularly at risk are women with serious, long Naivasha breaks after a previous birth. In addition, increases the risk of premature delivery. Both the complication can lead to hypoxia of the fetus and the development of neurological pathology.

The doctors say that the unwanted and too large a gap between births (10 years and more ). “the Negative effect of a too large interval between the conceptions related to the fact that a woman’s body loses “the skill of pregnancy” and actually returns to the original state in which it was already during the first pregnancy”, ” explains the IT News website. In addition, more than years after a previous birth, the older it becomes the expectant mother. Unfortunately, most of all, with age, health is not added – appear chronic diseases, deteriorating hormones, reduced immune system, decreases the metabolic rate. All of these factors increase the risk of complications arising during pregnancy and childbirth, late children.

If a woman underwent a caesarean section . doctors usually advise her not to give birth earlier than 3-3. 5 years after surgery. This is because the scar is left in the uterus, must “strength” to sustain the load during the next pregnancy. Needless to worry about the consistency of the scar, if pregnancy does occur before the recommended date? “Doctors CFPR over the years, based on the enormous factual material, due to the large number of genera, believe that the time period doesn’t matter between the operational childbirth, – says R. V. Sablikova, obstetrician-gynecologist who has worked a long time in CFPR, and who now heads one of the branches of the Perinatal medical centre in Moscow. – Is set to the postoperative period (healing after the first surgery), parity of birth, the reason for the first caesarean section. 6 months – enough time to generate a uterine scar and the vertical, and horizontal”.

Therefore, if You fail to comply with the ideal interval between births and conception of the next baby ’ s throw away bad thoughts and enjoy the time of waiting for a baby. Timely access to a doctor careful observation of pregnancy and all medical recommendations will help to prevent possible complications and safely give birth to a brother or sister to Your oldest child.