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The Education of children: methods - Area educator
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Cars for boy


Your son prefers cars to all the other toys? What explains this preoccupation?

Despite the fact that the house has already tens of wheeled equipment, the child still rejoices greatly, if he has received as a gift another car, bus, tractor… And my mother is going through, because his son needed to fully develop, and, in addition to cars, not interested in anything.

Why is he so loves cars?

Well-known theory of imitation, in which a boy in the games tries on the role of the father or other reputable men, sitting behind the wheel of a car, in our case it does not work. The fact is that the baby begins to identify themselves by gender in the age of about 3 years, and the passion for cars appears much earlier, some boys are already for a year and a half. Passion during this time (from 1 year to 3 years) is gaining momentum and later reinforced by the understanding that “I, as a dad, I love to ride in the car.” And from this understanding becomes even stronger. But even before one and a half years, and more specifically, in the prenatal period of a boy’s body begins to produce male-specific hormones — androgens, which, in the opinion of physiologists, and are the reason for choosing “masculine” toys at such an early age. Psychologists are looking for the answer to this question by analyzing the traditional male and female roles. The man, in contrast to the woman who directs all of its activities to the outside world, he is the conqueror, the breadwinner, the engine of progress, often the aggressor. What is the machine?

Cars for a boy it will aide in the development of the external world, which also performs the function of sewn (the vehicle body) and stores personal space. The machine allows you to run long distances, and in this role she was more than a helper: machine for men is a faithful friend. Relations of friendship, as you know — relationships are emotionally charged, that is why men are so sensitive about their “iron horse”. Mind you, the boys don’t like playing passengers, they will choose for themselves a place at the wheel. And this was not accidental. A man in traditional pair man-woman — presenter, the head, precisely because he does not recognize the role of passenger, slave. Don’t forget to allow for the fact that during a strong passion for boys cars have 3 year old crisis. Someone has a crisis starts in 2 years, someone in 3.5. It was at this time the child begins the formation of the self, attempt separating yourself from others, and along with this comes the sense of ownership in relation to yourself, to your own body and all that belongs to this body, and in our case in relation to their toy — machine. Because when the kid asks to buy him another car, he had, without realizing it, reinforces my desire to own “property”, and also cultivates the beginnings of independence. “I’m driving my car” means “I’m the boss in this situation, I’m in control”, and the most important in the passage of the crisis — “I separated from mom.” Little toy car for boy very realistic, and it fascinates the child. The value of the toy increases in direct proportion to the extent consistent with the original toy — open doors, whether spinning the wheel, are there lights. The machine is easy to “come alive”: it is necessary only to push her — and she rides like a real. While still in the machine to transport people and goods, by yourself, of course, sitting behind the wheel, at least pretend, in my fantasy children’s world.

What can be learned?

To learn the color. Ask the child to sort the fleet by color; here are all the yellow cars, that’s red, and we have one blue and green…

To understand the concepts “large”, “small”, showing large and small cars. And when the child grows up, let’s complicate the task by adding the value of “average”. If the baby has a toy garage, you can clearly show a small machine placed there, and most don’t.

To learn basic geometric shapes. So, the wheels and the wheel — round and lights (some domestic cars) is rectangular. If the son knows the logos denoting brands of cars, looking at those icons, it with your help, finds out what is oval, rhombus, etc.

Find familiar with numbers and letters on the license plates.

To develop fine motor skills by flipping through magazines on automotive topics. These magazines will come in handy at a time when the child will start to become interested in letters and numbers.

To begin the study of traffic Rules, starting from a traffic light.

To join the moulding. If sculpt the silhouette machine to your baby still can not afford, think of the job easier: baby can roll black balls, flatten them and turn them into the wheels, attach them to created by a mom corps. By analogy you can make yellow, red and orange lights. Let the little one in the hands of a thin stick, such as a toothpick (if the child has well-developed fine motor skills and, of course, under supervision!) or a special stick for working with clay (sold at baby stores), and propose to designate the main body of the doors and Windows. If your child likes to roll “sausage”, may turns these “sausages” in handlebars. One more task — the traffic light. Baby makes three balls colors and sculpts them under each other on a piece of cardboard.

To begin drawing lessons. Let the contour cars will portray the mother, and the baby will draw the wheels and headlights. Or “put” to the salon my mom, dad, myself, sisters-brothers.

To understand the difference between “thick” “thin” is very easy if to consider and compare handlebars in different cars.

Learn what “go straight”, “turn to the right and to the left”, and at the same time to deal with speed — “fast” and “slow”. It’s the easiest thing to do if your child got a machine on which to ride, sitting and pushing off with his legs from the floor.

To improve physical development. The car, which I have just mentioned is a great exercise for the legs, it also develops coordination. Yes, and to steer your kid will learn on it. Try to constantly push off with your legs and not get tired! But if “run” is not an urban apartment with a flat floor, and a suburban area with small ascents and descents, with grass and stony paths? To ride cross-country is not only more interesting but also much harder. But the child difficulties does not notice that he sits behind the wheel! To diversify skating, build tunnels, small ascents-descents track or decorate a homemade road signs. And if you’re going the company of kids and they will have at least two such machines, loud and fun racing you provided! You can encourage your baby by purchasing a baby shop games in which the affected automotive subject. Dice, bingo, sets for children’s creativity — all these activities will be warmly welcomed, because as a result of its activity, the son will see the image of another machine for the boy .

Try to use the children’s love of cars and for educational purposes. For example, as a reward for some action you promise the baby an extraordinary riding the electric car in the Park. Electric vehicles are great fun for the child, if a city has no roundabouts, it’s a beautiful out of it. The child will outgrow the period of passion about cars to 4 years.