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The Education of girls


Young lady … sounds Beautiful. It’s nice when your beloved daughter will say that she is a real lady. Discreet, polite, decent, beautiful charm, exquisite beauty and generally thin nature. But being perfect is so hard. Perhaps you need to educate a new, modern type of lady?

Many parents who have daughters that are now facing a real dilemma: what to teach a little girl she must be, how to find a balance between femininity in its original sense and the real demands of the modern world? In this world, personal growth, professional achievement, activity in all spheres of life are the signs of a person’s success, whether a man or a woman.

It is true that women are much more complicated.She problems a lot more than any representative of the stronger sex. She is responsible for children, for a loved one, the house … This responsibility exists, it exists whether we want it or not. At the level of the collective unconscious, at the level of basic knowledge. So first of all, it is desirable to understand the simple truth of the modern woman — the lady with a strong character, generic skills, the ability to “keep face” in all circumstances of life, and then look for educational tools that would fit exactly to your crumbs.

A basic understanding of the education of girls

There are many features that should have a real woman. However, this list will not be equal among the genders. For each item you can argue for years, with some of them to fight for centuries, and to change something immediately. Start from their own ideas about what should be your daughter. No, of course you can adjust that so-and-effect, something to help, but to transform, for example, the little hooligan in a graceful Princess, you can not afford. Therefore, you need to understand what person you fell into the hands, and then build a relationship with her. However, it is not too difficult. Don’t need to wring our hands and helplessly looking at the hundreds of books lined up in neat rows on the shelves of bookstores in the departments of “Parenting”.

Yet there are universal rules that are suitable for girls with different personalities and views on life.

1. The most important feature lady — self-confidence and a healthy ego. But it all — from childhood, from the time when forming a basic trust in the world that comes out of unconditional maternal love and paternal delight from her daughter, from woman of the future. A mother should love a child just because it is there. If this decision is no, the girl is being formed (of course, each on their own level) low self-esteem, decreased ability to love and be loved, to succeed and to enjoy life.

2. Of course, in control. But not total, without oppression and disrespect. Dad has a daughter by his attitude to his wife. This is the very first and very important experience for future women. It’s the attitude of the Pope to his girls, as to the lady, forms the core of a real woman.

3. Girls, the vast majority of creatures are pretty nifty. Even if I love climbing trees and shred pretty pink dresses. They better go to the contact, the nature of the more polite compromise, always listen to the advice of adults. Therefore, the majority of them (of course, without no exceptions) more easily accept the rules and requirements.

4. Little ladies love to please and are very sensitive to praise. Probably not more than boys, but try to do so, they will be very. However, to praise daughters need reasonable: for acts for personal achievements, knowledge, obtained independently. Make no division between male and female cases. Of course, your beautiful baby. But to emphasize only that, ignoring other things. She showed strength of character? Wonderful! Proved himself as a strong-willed personality? Let me know that he had noticed. Only a strong person can defend their beliefs, even if it looks lady.

5. The little woman is able to be persistent and learns very quickly. Almost all parents use manipulation (implicit or explicit) to achieve obedience: “I am very hurt when you disobey”. Well, be prepared for the fact that little petrunka quickly learn and begin to play on your feelings. Say, for example, that her heart aches when I’m not allowed to play on the computer. She is so cute it turns out, isn’t it? This is good: the future lady should be able to influence people. But it is necessary to crumb knew that her game can be different reactions. And to the trick — your composure and insisting on their own opinion.

6. Girls are more accustomed to the procedure. To put things in the room to clean, to help the senior, to be neat — for them, of course, and sometimes even pleasant. And if ably support them in this natural gift, and future problems with the order in a purse or in a closet probably will not be.

That is, the lady lives in every girl. And from dad, mum, depends how bright it will Shine through to the outside.

The three basic rules that you need to instill the girl in the process of education

In fact, this rate — one of the major in the list of virtues lady. It is the ability in any situation to stand tall, to fight back so that it was not like clipping, but only on a restrained note, makes a woman a lady. This uncommon skill. Several given by nature, but have a lot to learn for years. First, a little girl learns to speak the magic words. It’s easy to succeed if front of your eyes is an example. Mom and dad — main teacher. Also, gives a lot of useful literature and cinema, or rather the cartoons. Well, for example, “Jack frost” or “Just because”. Baby need to practice and practice. As you toss the material for reflection.

An indispensable sign of any lady — the ability to respect and to demand respect. Therefore, it is important to teach the girl to appreciate the merits of others: it is the grandmother who takes her up from school or daycare and bakes delicious pies, the English teachers, who taught such a beautiful pronunciation. It is very important not to allow the girl to be rude. It should be clearly and unambiguously say that this behavior is unacceptable. Repeat to get as much as needed. It is useful to talk about what exactly a girl is unable to prevent a sharp unpleasant remarks, rudeness. Explain that evil words hurt not only others, but also the person who speaks it.

You need to teach her to verbalize their emotions. Let as early as possible in her lexicon appears the phrase: “I’m mad, I miss you, I hate that … “. Furthermore, it is important to be able to explain what angered or made to suffer. Where tears or laughter. It’s not easy — not every adult knows how civilized way to show your feelings. Therefore — training and again training.

You’ve probably already realized that in the matter of refinement, a lot depends on you. If the mother has good taste, and the daughter has the chance to have it.

In addition, remember: you have to educate a new modern type of lady. Strong willed, successful, capable of great achievements. So it is important not to push it, to reckon with its opinion and to love even when she is not a lady, peppy and cheerful.