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Features of a technique of social work with children and youth.
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Psychological problems of families after divorce

For many families, divorce is not the end of the relationship. After the divorce, spouses often have to maintain a relationship for the sake of the children, a joint business or for communicating with former General relatives.

In addition, it difficult to switch off from the total system of relations, which included friends, children, parents of each spouse.

Psychological problems of families after divorce is very diverse. They depend upon a variety of circumstances: from the causes of divorce, the reaction to the divorce of others, from the age of the spouses, by the presence of children. Some of the problems the couple are aware of, and they are accessible to external observation of people. But part of the problem goes unnoticed and more and more hidden from prying eyes layers. Here are some of them.

One of the main and the most painful problems of the family after divorce – the problem of relations between the former spouses with children. No wonder many people are trying to save the crumbling family for children. Because divorce seriously worsens the conditions for the upbringing and development of the child. Many parents worry it is very painful. Psychological problems of the child and the family as a whole can be exacerbated by conflicts over children, but even if the couple broke up peacefully, for children, it is still a risk factor. First, they can be disappointed in the family, and in the future will be unable to build trust in a marriage. Secondly, the deterioration of the material and the emotional state of the mother, which often remain children, has a bad effect on their development, school performance. Some time after the divorce and there are also problems in dealing with new “dad” and “mom.” So the main problem of the divorcing spouses is a matter of establishing relations with the children after family breakdown.

Psychological problems of families after divorce can be exacerbated by a decline in labour productivity. Some divorced spouses are trying to go head first into work to forget. However, it is not always possible to focus on the case. In addition, … post-divorce stress can erode health and human emotion, and that could result in conflicts at work, poor quality jobs or even layoffs.

Many people in the … post-divorce period suffer from physical illnesses. Exacerbated chronic disease, new. The probability to get to the clinic increased by one third in both men and women. People who get divorced later in life, higher risk of heart attack or stroke. In addition, during this period some people worsen their mental health. Those who have them can dwell slightly unpleasant qualities of character. Overly suspicious people become more suspicious. Some generalize the negative qualities of the spouse to other people. And many people increases the level of conflict with people.

Serious psychological problem of the family after the divorce can become alcoholism of one of the spouses. Some people are trying to find oblivion troubles in wine, and do not notice as crossing a dangerous line, after which begins the disease and not just a temporary dip in an alcoholic stupor. In this situation, save the attention of others. If there is nobody to talk to, it’s better to go to a forum or blog and talk to someone there, rather than trying to get alcohol anesthesia wounds.

Among other things, divorced people with great difficulty and reluctance relate to procreation. The problems of the former family is putting so much pressure on them that they are afraid to have children, not to get extra weapon manipulation. This is especially true of men. They can whole life to suffer from conflict with his ex-wife and alimony. In this case, when the institution of the new relationship they are much less eager to have children. We can say that divorce in General reduce the birth rate in the country.

The consequences of divorce for the spouses themselves and for their relatives, children and friends, too, are heavy. Destroyed a whole generation of family traditions, jokes, activities. It causes people to feel challenged in reality, some of this feeling with a lot of stress and complications.

To understand the causes of these difficulties it is easy. Not only the stress associated with the decision point of divorce, but all subsequent events do not deliver man pleasure. Usually the state relief after divorce comes only a few months later, and the initial psychological problems of the family that existed before the divorce, only aggravated. For example, if the couple clashed for the apartment or for money, and after the divorce, they continue to divide the property. If the family had a strained relationship with one’s parents, and after the divorce, this conflict is not quenched immediately. In General, we can say that the procedure of divorce and the first period afterwards experienced by many people is very difficult.