All about the children - Meeting for parents of "Prevention of emotional disorders in children"
Today our meeting will be devoted to the specifics of the emotional development of children and prevention of emotional disorders. Everyone knows that the emotions we mirror our desires and…

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Cars for boy
  Your son prefers cars to all the other toys? What explains this preoccupation? Despite the fact that the house has already tens of wheeled equipment, the child still rejoices…

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Socio-psychological mechanisms of communication
  Communication creates a number of unique social and psychological mechanisms through which is formed the social psyche. Infection is a special method of exposure, a certain way of uniting…

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Family Relations and their influence on the upbringing of the child


Quarrels and misunderstanding in the family doing a little whiny, unruly and even violent. If you look closely to the family, as a rule, inappropriate behavior of a child is an appropriate response to the relationship between spouses:

– If parents often quarrel, and the cause of their quarrels the child remains unknown, he met with inexplicable, itself assume the reason is simple and clear only to him. The child feels a sense of guilt, believing the reason for the disagreement itself, which ultimately may prove to be the beginning of psychological trauma.

– There are families in which one spouse is clearly authoritarian stance, and is not necessarily rudeness and shouting, and the constant expression of discontent, comments for any reason, in General, this position is pouring the discontent spouse, which creates psychological stress in the family. The worst is when both spouses never concede to each other. There is always excluded from conflict one spouse, and the child receives “his portion” from irritable parent. The child in this situation is a wonderful facility for the expression of the accumulated anger and wrath, he constantly feels the dismay of his parents. These children often turn in on themselves and on others look with distrust and expectation of punishment.

– In other cases, children develop in his character the ability to resist parental harassment. They are aggressive to their parents become angry and rude.

– Irritability and frustration on each other in the course of married life, as a rule, acquires the characteristic features. Irritate opposing the activity of each other, manner of speech, carelessness, changing over the years, physique and more. Dissatisfaction with various features of behavior is often tolerated by the child. After all, in varying degrees, it takes many features of the father or the mother, causing irritation to the other spouse. Children, finding himself in such a situation, lost and wondering why something that allowed one of the parents, not allowed him, because he tries so hard to be like him.

– When there is a situation in which both husband and wife have joint views and plans for the future, then psychologically it can manifest itself in the negation of the other spouse through the child. In a family there are two camps – the husband and wife. And the child has a permanent question – who can he be? So he becomes a kind of weapon for a family feud, where everyone is trying by all means to attract your son or daughter to his side.

The tension, the lack of a sense of calm and security in the family overload the psyche of the child, as the baby is constantly experiencing anxiety and fear that he is doing something wrong and is afraid of the parent’s wrath for bad behavior. All of this subsequently may result from problems in the relationship with the opposite sex.

Thus, one of the main conditions in the education of a young person is the ability to achieve spiritual communion, spiritual connection of parents with their child. Spouses need to strive to ensure that the child does not feel the contradictions in the positions of the parents, did not observe serious