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Child having nightmares: what to do


Child have nightmares: what to do in such a situation than to help him? Sometimes at night child dream of spiders, witches, snakes that try to harm it. Sometimes, on the contrary, the child in the dream behaves aggressively: it rips off someone’s head, smothers and pierces the enemy. In these dreams, the child sees a strange threatening landscapes, non-existent animals and birds with frightening parts of the body – big eyes, for example. Or images, which the child sees, begin to be transformed from one to another. These dreams, at times, very frightening the child. It can start to be afraid to fall asleep, gets up in the morning, not enough sleep, stressed or in a bad mood.

The first thing you need to be aware of when dealing with fears, it is not to expect a quick effect. Folk wisdom says: “go slow to go fast”. Better to do it gradually, stress, excessive fixation of the child’s attention on the problem. Then guaranteed a lasting effect.

And second. Any negative habit in the child’s behavior, or undesirable aspects of his life need not be eradicated, and replaced. However, this applies equally to the habits of adults with whom they are fighting.

About the origin of dreams and why does a child have nightmares

The question of the origin of dreams from ancient times people are interested. Current research in the field of physiology and psychology show that when a person sees a dream that he was “peeking” into your subconscious, falls into the depths of the psyche, which in the waking state blocked consciousness. Dreams – is a collection of information, reactions to physiological processes, memories of the past. During sleep the human brain “spreads through” all that accumulated during the day, at the same time reviewing experience in symbolic form. For example, if the day the child during the day, even briefly, felt the heat, at night he dreams the story with strangulation.

It may resemble a symbolic movie in which a man cured of traumatic memories, learning a new behavior in difficult situations. For example, how to cope with fear or emotional stress. The subconscious self organizes dreams, and separation occurs based associative relationships. What we are accustomed to see and feel in everyday life in the subconscious may take other shapes and images. Stronger than it was emotional tension or physical experience of reality, the more intensive and rigorous will be dreams.

By and large, a terrible dream, a dream to a child or adult is a process of self – healing organism and its rehabilitation after stress in reality. Therefore, isolated cases nightmares in a child, should not cause parents anxiety.

It is important to remember that adults are not always able to correctly estimate the influence of this or that actual events on the psyche of the child. Often, a completely insignificant to us moments in which the child participated or was their witness, can become the strongest stress or a key moment in the development of his personality. It is important is not the event itself, and the child’s reaction to it. Not an act, but the emotions caused by this action.

In this regard it is useful to reiterate the fundamental truth known to every parent. The child needs to be protected from revision cartoons with aggressive actions, excessively rapid changes in them. This particularly applies to the evening time. In modern families there is so little time for pastime and recreation with the children what not to use at least half an hour before bedtime, is simply unacceptable. Play with the baby Board games, just talk about the day, read the book slowly, embrace and recharge with positive energy from each other. And, most likely, the child will sleep more soundly.

Children’s and adult fears

Sometimes, in the morning the child calmly tells her parents sleep, and parents themselves, it seems undesirable, terrible and unacceptable. They begin to ask in detail about baby sleep, clarify its details, emotionally react to what the child says. Then the dream is discussed with grandfathers-grandmothers, girlfriends on the phone or on a bench in the Park. The kid, seeing an increased interest adults, and may additionally fantasize, adding to what was seen in the dream. In such cases, adults are often scared, despair, anxiety, ‘t know how to act.

In this case, it is not about the children’s fear, and the fears of adults who are concerned about what happens to their child. And the reactions of the adults described above, will very likely fix, and will not help to remove the child from the nightmare. Your response should be different. Quietly listen to the child, react without emotion, laugh together or assume how it all ended. Show your child their interest, peace and security. Even if there was the emergence of some kind of fear of the boy of 6-7 years, this behavior adults will convince in his vexatious troubles.

To give universal advice, if the child have bad dreams what to do, how to react to a nightmare, very difficult. It is important to know not only how long and regularly to a child having bad dreams, but the features of his character, temperament, specifics of family life. All this factors will definitely influence one way or another on dreaming kid.

Try a self-help scheme child. Listen to him, talk about what disturbed him. Ask that in the dream scared him, alarmed, discuss how you can change the circumstances of the dream. How could the child to help the hero, to protect yourself from danger. How this situation can be changed so that it ceased to be dangerous and scary. Then invite a child to draw the dream. Or to mold from plastic, lay constructor – any way to make it visual. The child pronounces everything seen again. Invite a child to do with this image, all that I want. To throw, to paint, to break, to be redrawn so that it wasn’t scary, etc.

The sequence of combat nightmares:

awareness of the content of the dream and refinement scary element in it;

recognition of the legitimacy of the child’s feelings and support his parents;

the changing situation in the child’s imagination, her circumstances, the addition of a hero who comes to the rescue, real action with the image of sleep;

child’s awareness of his power and security in reality.

This, in outline, the scheme of psychotherapy when dealing with fears, which is usually carried out by specialists. Try to pass this way with a child on their own. If it does not help without the help of a qualified psychologist can not do.

Be attentive to your baby, it will help you in most situations to handle the challenges of growth and development. Believe in yourself and your child. Good luck!