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Personality and society, interaction and influence


The individual and society. Why always these words are next? Personal characteristics always call a certain collection of properties of an individual, useful for society and recognized that same society. Try not to name the identity of the lone survivor. Everyone is used to relate the notion of the individual and of society and individuals in society. As a loner, swim the Strait, or lived for several years and retaining bright minds, and health — is not a person.

Naturally, for most people this is unacceptable, and everyone will assume the identity of the person who achieved certain successes in the properties or qualities important for each company separately.

In every culture or social layer, group, isolated from the rest of the community by a number of attributes or constraints will be important and useful properties. It is the measure of mastery of the individual these relevant properties and will be (for society) to determine the personal characteristics of the individual.

We consider as an individual to any person, without dividing by sex, age and racial lines. Identity in the society — is the degree of development of consciousness, mind, intellect, physical and psychological qualities and properties and the ability of the individual to productively interact with the surrounding society. Naturally, these factors and provides the level of development of the society.

How important is the position of man with respect to society? Of course! In relation to society a person can be a consumer, a Creator or a destroyer. The consumer – not for me has nothing to do with personality. This is an ordinary nut, or a sheep in the herd. His opinion or actions have a low impact on society or on the lives of other individuals. In turn, the position of the individual directly affects the lives of those around him individuals. The higher the level of personal development, the higher the degree of influence.

The personality begins to form even before birth in the womb of the mother, on the formation of personality in this period influence, what music to listen to mom, what to eat and how to behave. All the processes occurring during pregnancy, have a direct impact on the emotions of the mother, and on the chemical composition of blood as a result and on metabolic processes in the fetus, and as a result on the formation and future of the psyche.

It turns out that the assertion that the formation of the personality begins together after birth — is wrong. People already at the moment of birth has a certain base set that changes or develops in the course of life.

Heredity also has a certain influence on the formation of personality, in this case laid the physical qualities and characteristics of the nervous system. If the same to raise and educate a child born in a family of Africans living in nature or Africans living several generations in the US, we see a different manifestation of the qualities necessary for survival. They will vary and smell, and speed of response, and susceptibility to external influences, different immune system and so on.

Is it possible the development of man without society? I doubt it. Life without society for man is impossible, at least at the stage of personality development. Society with its requirements, prohibitions, restrictions, defines the vector of development of personality. In primitive society need the same properties, but in modern society — other. Different social layers and groups put forward before the man completely different requirements.

The properties that the company considers important and desired properties of the personality gradually develop to some extent in humans as a response to external stimulus.

Oddly enough, the society strongly underestimates the properties and qualities of the individual, in exchange for the recognition by the herd. To get encouragement from educators in the kindergarten the child will sit quietly and listen. Is it a personality trait?

We recently with his wife (immediately before writing the article) argued about the properties of the person and their list. Come to a short list of four items. Personality is one who is able to lead (leadership), has his own opinion, able to self-teach, self-sufficient. Everything else can fit in one of these paragraphs. Personal development implies a constant growth of requirements, and compliance with these evolving requirements.

The level of development of personality can be assessed by the level of development needs and level of responsibility. The lowest level of responsibility is only to their own materialistic and petty needs. Next may be the degree of responsibility for his family, entrance, house, street, city, country, planet. It is possible that there are persons whose level of responsibility higher or wider.

The level of personality development is also determined by the degree of capacity for action. The more global ideas, decisions and actions — the higher the level of personality development. To see or be aware of the level of development of personality is enough to listen to what the man says or thinks. Primitive people only think about their stomach or small household goods.

The degree to which personality development can be assessed indirectly by the ability to adapt to the environment or society. A real person is able to feel at home in any place and under any circumstances, while maintaining the ability to adequately interact with the surrounding world and circumstances.

An individual’s ability to maintain their properties and characteristics in all conditions – can be striking. Such people manage to preserve their habits anywhere in the world. They can shave in the trenches under fire, to carry a book on their favorite poems in a crowded backpack, or have any other quirks that others don’t understand.

Particular person finds to live each day as an opportunity for self-development, even under the condition that the most unloved work, or being in places of forced imprisonment. Khodorkovsky manages in prison to write books, to get a law degree. Is this not an example of a high level of personal development?

Developed personality increases the demands on yourself and others. In the case where the environment exerts undue pressure, personality always remains coherent even after being under stress for a long period of time. Personality always looking for the reasons for their failure in itself. Together with it can adequately make decisions and persevere, and even cruelty in achieving their goals. At the same time a good friend of mine when that is the head of the company, manages to paint a very good picture, and retained a sense of beauty, me, unfortunately, is partially lost.

Developed personality – always has a sense of humor (though often peculiar), and a lot of smiles, despite the pressures of society.

Successful you with personal development!

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