Socio-psychological mechanisms of communication
  Communication creates a number of unique social and psychological mechanisms through which is formed the social psyche. Infection is a special method of exposure, a certain way of uniting…

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The Education of girls
  Young lady … sounds Beautiful. It's nice when your beloved daughter will say that she is a real lady. Discreet, polite, decent, beautiful charm, exquisite beauty and generally thin…

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Psychology, Relationships, Upbringing
  Anyway we are all afraid of something. Bolshinstvo fears we are trying to overcome, so they often prevent us from living and normally in contact with the outside world.…

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Child having nightmares: what to do


Child have nightmares: what to do in such a situation than to help him? Sometimes at night child dream of spiders, witches, snakes that try to harm it. Sometimes, on the contrary, the child in the dream behaves aggressively: it rips off someone’s head, smothers and pierces the enemy. In these dreams, the child sees a strange threatening landscapes, non-existent animals and birds with frightening parts of the body – big eyes, for example. Or images, which the child sees, begin to be transformed from one to another. These dreams, at times, very frightening the child. It can start to be afraid to fall asleep, gets up in the morning, not enough sleep, stressed or in a bad mood.

The first thing you need to be aware of when dealing with fears, it is not to expect a quick effect. Folk wisdom says: “go slow to go fast”. Better to do it gradually, stress, excessive fixation of the child’s attention on the problem. Then guaranteed a lasting effect.

And second. Any negative habit in the child’s behavior, or undesirable aspects of his life need not be eradicated, and replaced. However, this applies equally to the habits of adults with whom they are fighting.

About the origin of dreams and why does a child have nightmares

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