How to teach your child to hear the first time?
  This text I found on the Internet and just can't help but post on our website. Children often can't hear what we adults tell them, and this problem is…

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The basis of the Family code will form the presumption of innocence of the parents
  Loud the repercussions of the innovation proposed by the state Duma Committee on family, women and children. We are talking about a fundamental change in the Family code. Now…

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The Material for parent conferences - Tips for parents of future first graders
  Soon to school. This fall or next year your child will cross its threshold. In an effort to help him confident to take that step parents are often knocked…

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Family lawyer: the child after divorce


Upon dissolution of the marriage changed the fate of not only the spouses, but mainly is radically changing the lives of children. And it is very important to protect our young from psychological stress and to make every effort that would upon dissolution of the marriage in the first place were taken into account the interests of minors.

In this article, the family lawyer will try to uncover the main points on a subject such as the determination of the place of residence of the child after the parents divorce and the determination of the procedure of communication with the child the non-custodial parent.

After all, the lives of our children depend on us, their parents. Sometimes being under the influence of resentment toward the other spouse, seeking revenge for the heartache that we have endured or transfer we forget about living with us little people. Very not easy for a young child to see parents quarrel, and even more so when such quarrels parents entangle children. Begin to put pressure on the child, forced to take one side or the other, and sometimes even banned from seeing the other parent. As a result of such actions, the child is suffering great mental trauma and sometimes without the intervention of a psychologist is not enough.

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Prayer for their daughter married


Prayer should be answered, otherwise it ceases to be

prayer and becomes correspondence.

“There are times when all pray” is a phrase I heard in one documentary, which was dedicated to the great Patriotic War. The main conclusion that was broadcast to the masses is – the war was not atheists, de facto, all were believers. In moments of despair and hopelessness, people frantically clings to faith, for faith is sometimes the only thing that remains with us when we fly into the abyss.

We live in a time of peace, and, it would seem that we should be less reasons for prayer, but it was not there. Failure, pressure, endless race in a circle, lack of money, uncertainty about the future, fears for loved ones, for yourself… and a desperate desire maaaaalenkoy pieces of happiness. Personal. Intimate. Individual.

We each have our own war. Fight for the future. Fight for money. Fighting for love. Fighting with his inner demons. and fall apart. In the hope we raise our eyes to heaven and come to Providence with prayer. We suddenly begin to talk about their lives, about their fears, ask for help and protection.

We each have our own prayer. The prayer service. The petition. His monologue. Its bleeding wound.

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Personality and society, interaction and influence


The individual and society. Why always these words are next? Personal characteristics always call a certain collection of properties of an individual, useful for society and recognized that same society. Try not to name the identity of the lone survivor. Everyone is used to relate the notion of the individual and of society and individuals in society. As a loner, swim the Strait, or lived for several years and retaining bright minds, and health — is not a person.

Naturally, for most people this is unacceptable, and everyone will assume the identity of the person who achieved certain successes in the properties or qualities important for each company separately.

In every culture or social layer, group, isolated from the rest of the community by a number of attributes or constraints will be important and useful properties. It is the measure of mastery of the individual these relevant properties and will be (for society) to determine the personal characteristics of the individual.

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